My husband was served last night, What can I do???

On January 23, 2008 in the early morn, my husband hit another vehicle. The damage was VERY minimal. I have pictures of the damage and you have to search for it. We were unfortunately without car insur. at that time. My husband told the guy we would pay for it just to please get 2 estimates. The guy only gave us 1 estimate. Then when he was asked to get another he never returned our calls. Now as of last night he served my husband with small claims court papers totaling $990.00. When the first estimate was well below that amount. The paperwork says he filed with small claims court in feb. basically right after the accident. I am just wondering if we show up with the one and only estimate he gave us and the phone bill showing how many times the planitff was called what might happen. I know we will have to pay. That is ok I know we were in the wrong. But Could the guy be in the wrong for not working with us??? Any ins. company would have made him get more than one estimate.


Let me add that we live check to check. I am a stay at home mom. We do not have $990 to just give away. We don't even have $1 to give away. We are expecting money to comein from my fathers passing will the court wait on that for us to pay???

Update 2:

Let me add this last bit. It is in our defense!!! I REALIZE WE WERE IN THE WRONG BY NOT HAVING CAR INS.!!!!! But when you have to choose between the house note or car ins. some things become more important. We NOW HAVE INS.!!!! I thank everyone for their responses. Some more than others.

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    Unfortunately things like this do occur, he may have filed a court appearance out of fear you may not pay, he doesnt know you and is probably just trying to be safe for himself. Driving without insurance is not only illegal it is not recommended. Take your estimate he gave you to court with you, the judge will look at it and if he doesnt feel that the amount the third party is asking is correct he will change it. Please get yourself properly insured for the future and good luck. When the judgement is handed out in court they usually set a period in which you have to pay, this is when you can plead your case for time needed to save.

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    Wow! It looks like the money you will have to pay for the damage to the other party's will be more than it would have cost you to have bought car insurance. Now you understand why you should have car insurance.

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    You got two good answers above. the judge will not make you pay over the original estimate.. but you were in the wrong for driving

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    just pay, you´re probably right and it sucks having to pay for stuff that you shouldnt , but it´s not worth the hastle...

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