It is best to work on a computer when you have come in from the cold because the risk of ESD is minimized.?

It is best to work on a computer when you have come in from the cold because the risk of ESD is minimized.

true or false?

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    False. While temperature can have an effect on humidity, and humidity can have an effect on static electricity, the mere process of walking across a room can build up a static electric charge on your body. From the ESDA website:

    "A primary means of protecting of ESD susceptible items is to provide a ground path to bring ESD protective materials and personnel to the same electrical potential. All conductors, including personnel, must be bonded or electrically connected and attached to a known ground or contrived ground, creating an equipotential balance between all items and personnel.

    The first step is to ground all components of the work area (worksurfaces, people, equipment, etc.) to the same electrical ground point called the "common point ground." People are one of the prime generators of static electricity. The simple act of walking around or repairing a board can generate several thousand volts on the human body. If not properly controlled, this static charge can easily discharge into a static sensitive device.

    Typically, wrist straps and floor mats are the primary means of controlling static charge on personnel. When properly worn, used and connected to ground, a wrist strap and floor mat keeps the person near ground potential. Because the person and other grounded objects in the work area are at or near the same potential, there can be no hazardous discharge between them. In addition, static charges are safely dissipated from the person to ground and do not accumulate."

    For additional info about ESD, there are many articles available on the web. In reading through several of them, no mention is made of a person's body temperature having an effect (one way or the other) on ESD.


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