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I have chosen Kiera Michaela (mckayla) But I need something to go with Thomas which is family tradition middle name on my husband's side. He doesn't like anything too unconventional. But I wouldn't be oppose to anything with a "slightly" different spelling. I like names from the romantic era such as Tristan...but he hates it.


Ryan is actually my husband's name

Update 2:

what about a J name so we can call him JT

Update 3:

Im feelin some names like Noah, Jayson, Taylor, Tristan, Justin. I would absolutely love to use Michael..but I have too many Michaels in my family. Which explains why I used Michaela in the girls name. Keep in mind the last name is Veteto....lol so nothing to drawn out and long.

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    Alexander Thomas

    William Thomas

    Liam Thomas

    Andrew Thomas

    Daniel Thomas

    Julian Thomas

    Matthew Thomas

    Gage Thomas

    Gregory Thomas

    Grant Thomas

    Oliver Thomas

    Michael Thomas

    Patrick Thomas

    Kevin Thomas

    Keith Thomas

    Anthony Thomas

    Jason Thomas

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    1 decade ago

    Ryan Thomas

    Jaxon Thomas

    James thomas

    Jayden Thomas

    Jason thomas

    Morgan Thomas

    Reece Thomas

    Luke Thomas

    Leon Thomas

    Cody thomas

    Corrie Thomas

    Kaen Thomas Said Cane

    Dylan Thomas

    Declan Thomas

    Kayden thomas

    Keilan Thomas

    Cellan Thomas

    Kian Thomas

    Zachary thomas Zach for short

    Bradley Thomas Brad for short

    hope these help

  • 1 decade ago

    Jordan Thomas

    Justin Thomas

    Jerrod Thomas

    Julian Thomas

    Joshua Thomas

    Josiah Thomas


    Cole Thomas, Zachary Thomas, Ethan Thomas, Landon Thomas, Cooper Thomas

  • 1 decade ago

    Aaron Thomas

    Aiden Thomas

    Dalton Thomas

    Damien Thomas

    Dallon Thomas

    Jaydon Thomas

    Jared Thomas

    Javen Thomas

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  • Merrick Thomas

    Rex Thomas

    Dax Thomas

    Phoenix Thomas

    Shayne Thomas

  • 1 decade ago

    Jayson Thomas

    Jonathan Thomas or Jonathon Thomas

    Zakary Thomas

    P.S. Love Mckayla!!

    Have fun with the babies.

  • 1 decade ago

    William Thomas, Darcy Thomas, Heathcliff Thomas, Gabriel Thomas.....

  • 1 decade ago

    Owen Thomas

    Padric (Patrick) Thomas

    Jonathan Thomas - JT

    Joshuah Thomas - JT

    Isaac Thomas

    Noah Thomas

    Georg (George) Thomas

    good luck :)

  • Thomas Micah [has a similar ring to "Michaela"]

    Thomas Kyle

    Thomas Christian [a compromise for "Tristan" perhaps]

  • J names for a boy are very easy to come by:

    My personal favorite is Jeremy and it sounds great with Thomas.





    are all classic boys' names.

    I would not go with something trendy like Jackson or Jayden. Especially not Jayden. It sounds a more than a little effeminate.

    Kiera is very pretty. Nice choice!

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