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Microsoft Outlook Express...?

I have Microsoft Outlook Express for my college email system. I log into the site and then I get my mail from the express version of outlook. My only problem is, you can only have a certain amount of messages and then you are prevented from receiving anymore.

Last night, however, a friend sent me a bunch that had important information. Since my mailbox was "full" I didn't receive them. So I cleared the mailbox and I still haven't received the messages.

Will they eventually come? or are they lost in cyberspace?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    actually i haven't heard about this problem so far as i think you can receive as many e-mails as you want.

    i have received around 100 today and i still can..

    maybe the mails are caught as spam or you have a filter and the mails went straight to the desired folders?

    can you check it on the web too? just to see if the mails are there anyway?

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  • stead
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    4 years ago

    ISP is likewise conventional as internet service service. when you consider which you have an internet connection, you're using centers from an ISP. besides you need to use Microsoft Outlook offline as a private organiser. you need to use it as an e mail customer presented you had an e mail account configured and you're related to the internet. Outlook convey is in simple terms an e mail customer.

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