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Oct. 2006

Distributions worth approximately $3.4 billion are made to creditors consisting of more than $3.3 billion in cash, plus shares of Portland General Electric Company stock valued at $34.4 million.

Nov. 2006

Barclays agrees to pay $144 million in connection with the MegaClaims litigation. For more information on the MegaClaims litigation, please click here.

Jan. 2007

Houston-based law firm Andrews & Kurth agrees to pay $18.5 million to settle potential malpractice claims stemming from legal advice on various transactions.

April 2007

Distributions of approximately $1.8 billion were made to creditors consisting of cash of almost $1.7 billion and shares of Portland General Electric Company stock valued at approximately $171 million.

Oct. 2007

Distributions of approximately $1.7 billion were made to creditors consisting of $1.67 billion in cash and Portland General Electric Company Common Stock equivalents (in the form of cash) of approximately $74.8 million.




When Enron initially emerged from bankruptcy, the estimated rate of

return for creditors, contained in the Disclosure Statement related to

the Plan of Reorganization, was approximately 17 cents on the dollar for Enron Corp. and 20 cents for Enron North America Corp. As a result of

ECRC’s diligent efforts, the respective creditors of Enron Corp. and

Enron North America Corp. have already received more than 36 cents

on the dollar. This figure represents returns to creditors that are greater

than 200% of the original estimate for Enron. Corp.'s creditors and 180% for creditors of Enron North America Corp.




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    2006年 10月 發行價值大約$3.4 十億被做對債權人包括超過$3.3 十億現金, 加上波特蘭通用電器公司股票份額被重視在$34.4 百萬。

    2006年 11月Barclays 同意支付$144 百萬於MegaClaims 訴訟相聯。對於更多資訊關於MegaClaims 訴訟, 請點擊這裡。

    2007年 1月 休斯敦根據了律師事務所Andrews & Kurth 同意支付$18.5 百萬安定潛在的營私舞弊要求源於法律建議在各種各樣的交易。

    2007年 4月發行大約$1.8 十億被做了對債權人包括波特蘭通用電器公司股票現金幾乎$1.7 十億和份額被重視在大約$171 百萬。

    2007年 10月發行大約$1.7 十億被做了對債權人包括$1.67 十億現金和波特蘭通用電器公司普通股等值(以現金的形式) 大約$74.8 百萬。


    當Enron 從破產最初地湧現了, 估計的回報率為債權人, 包含在透露聲明與改組計劃有關, 是大約17 分在美元為Enron Corp. 和20 分為Enron North.america Corp 。由於ECRC's 努力努力, Enron Corp. 各自債權人和Enron North.america Corp. 已經接受超過36 分在美元。這個圖代表回歸到是大於200% 原始的估計為Enron 的債權人。公司的債權人和180% 為Enron North.america Corp 債權人。



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    34.4 Million 不是34.4 百萬

    應該翻成 3千4百4十萬

    144 M 是 1億4千4百萬

    以此類推 剩下的金額


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