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幫我翻成英文 不要用軟体


原子彈除了鈾-235的濃度高之外,還有引爆裝置;而核能電廠則有控制棒及各種 安全控制系統,可以控制核分裂的連鎖反應,兩者設計截然不同。至於蘇聯核能電廠的爆炸現象,是屬於化學性的爆炸事故,如果是核子爆炸,該廠早已夷為平地了!

原子彈是用於軍事上摧毀敵人;而核能電廠卻是利用核燃料產生的能量來發電 ,是作為和平用途,造福人類。因此,核能電廠在設計、製造、運轉及目的 等各方面,與原子彈根本是天壤之別。


第一:核能發電不像化石燃料發電那樣排放巨量的污染物質到大氣   中,因此核能發電不會造成空氣污染。



第四:核燃料能量密度比起化石燃料高上幾百萬倍,故核能電廠所   使用的燃料體積小,運輸與儲存都很方便,一座1000百萬瓦   的核能電廠一年只需30公噸的鈾燃料,一航次的飛機就可以   完成運送。

第五:核能發電的成本中,燃料費用所佔的比例較低,核能發電的   成本較不易受到國際經濟情勢影響,故發電成本較其他發電   方法為穩定。



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    the difference between nuclear bomb and nuclear energy.

    Other than having high ocncentration of Uranium-235, Nuclear bomb also have a detonation device. On the other hand, theinside the nuclear power plant, the system includes control cranks and many other safety device to manipulate the chain reaction of nuclear fission. The two designs are completely different. The Russian nuclear powerplant explosion, is a chemical explosion. If the explosion was fusion-related, the power plant would not have anything left!

    The purpose of the two are different as well. Nuclear bomb is used for military and demolision, while nuclear powerplant is used to generate energy in a peaceful and contributing way. Therefore, we can see that no matter in design, manufacture, operation, and intention, the two are as different as heaven and hell.

    The advantage of nuclear powerplant.

    1. Unlike fossil fuel, nuclear powerplant releases no gas waste into the atmosphere, therefore, creates no air pollution.

    2. Nuclear powerplant does not exhaust Greenhouse effect-inducing gas, carbon dioxide (CO2).

    3. Uranium has no other use than power generation.

    4. The energy concentration is million times higher than fossil fuel, therefore, the uranium is easy to transfer and store. A 1000 megawatt nuclear powerplant only needs thirty tons of uranium, which can be shipped in one single air shipment.

    5. Nuclear powerplant has a lower cost on fuel, therefore, the cost is not easily affected by the international fuel cost, and the cost is much more stable than any other means of power generation.

    6. Nuclear power may apply to military, medical, and energy use.

    7. Nuclear waste is one of the ingredient for nuclear bomb.


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