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1.Quantitative research

2.Contemporary Music Project

3.The Thematic Approach to Integrated Learning

4.Intrinsic Motivation

5.General music

6.Authentic Assessment

7.Conceptual approach








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  • Sameul
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    1.Quantitative research 量化研究

    2.Contemporary Music Project 當代音樂企劃

    3.The Thematic Approach to Integrated Learning整合學習的主題式取向

    4.Intrinsic Motivation 內因性動機

    5.General music 公眾音樂,普及性音樂

    6.Authentic Assessment 具公信力的評估、可信度評估 (看文意)

    7.Conceptual approach 概念式取向

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    Contemporary Music Project 當代音樂方案

    通常 project 在這些藝術領域中,比較不是一個"專案-有特定標的之計劃",因此翻譯為"方案-一種有大方向、有理想性的計畫"更為合適!

    2008-04-03 01:42:48 補充:

    approach 的確是屬於"解決問題的方法";但是在研究領域中,為什麼要用 approach,而不是用 method 呢?因為只翻譯為"方法",無法呈現出"以不同角度的方法契入/接近"的意涵,因此我們在論文中,常常把 approach翻譯為取向。

    取向 :推行事物時所選擇的方向。如:「有氧運動取向的減肥方法,最近頗為盛行。」

    2008-04-03 01:46:35 補充:

    Authentic assessment is an umbrella concept that refers to the measurement of "intellectual accomplishments that are worthwhile, significant, and meaningful,"[1] as compared to multiple choice standardized tests.[2]

    2008-04-03 01:46:48 補充:

    Authentic assessment can be devised by the teacher, or in collaboration with the student. When applying authentic assessment to student learning and achievement, a teacher applies criteria related to “construction of knowledge, disciplined inquiry, and the value of achievement beyond the school.”

    2008-04-03 01:47:12 補充:

    Authentic assessment reflects educational policy research that recommends a “high priority on strategies that research has already shown to increase student learning.”

    2008-04-03 01:48:50 補充:

    Authentic assessment tends to focus on complex or contextualised tasks, enabling students to demonstrate their competency in a more 'authentic' setting. Examples of authentic assessments include:

    2008-04-03 01:49:08 補充:

    1) Performance of the skills, or demonstrating use of a particular knowledge;

    2) simulations and role plays;

    3) studio portfolios代表作選輯, strategically selecting items;

    4) exhibitions and displays.

    2008-04-03 01:51:01 補充:

    Simply testing an isolated skill or a retained fact does not effectively measure a student's capabilities. To accurately evaluate what a person has learned, an assessment method must examine his or her collective abilities.

    2008-04-03 01:57:43 補充:

    Authentic Assessment 直譯: 真實型評估法/可信型評估法

    真實/可信的 評估 意譯: 實境評估法 (可以更貼切喔)

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  • amigo
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    1. Quantitative research 量化研究

    2.Contemporary Music Project 當代音樂專案計畫 (or: 當代音樂專案)

    3.The Thematic Approach to Integrated Learning 主題式整合學習法

    4.Intrinsic Motivation 內在動機

    5.General music 普遍性音樂

    6.Authentic Assessment 臨場演奏評估

    (Definition of Authentic Assessment given by Jon Mueller): “A form of assessment in which students are asked to perform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills”

    7.Conceptual approach 概念式學習法, 概念法

    Note: "Approach" is usually translated into "解決特定問題之方法"

    Source(s): myself + expert definition
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