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(一) It's 6 o'clock in the morning on a saturady.Your neighbor comes to

your door to complain that your music is too loud.

(二) You don't feel well and you need to leave in the middle of the class.



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    Ding Dong(bell rings).

    Neighbor: Hey excuse me, don't you think the music you are playing is kind of disturb your neighbors, and its only 6 o'clock in the morning

    you: Oh, ahh. I am sorry about this, i didn't realize that it's loud enough to disturb the neighbors, again, i am really sorry about that!! You have my apology.

    Neighbor: Okay, it's cool. No problem at all, just letting you know about this, so you'll keep it down. Bye!

    you: Bye!


    Raise your hand and say Mr or Mrs. blah blah(whoever is lecturing)

    you: I think i am getting sick now, i actually had fever last night before sleeping, but i still made this class today. But now i think i really need doctor and medications.

    professor: Oh well, you surely got my permission to leave now, it's normal and it seems like you are really emergent. I won't give you an absence, don't worry, just go!! and take care of yourself!!

    you: Thank you, professor. i will!! bye professor!

    professor: see you later!

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