While pregnant when do you get tested for diabetes?

im 30 weeks pregnant with my second child and ive yet to be tested for diabetes. with my first child i think i was tested around like week 24 or 28. so with this new doct. ive yet to be tested. and i was just wondering if anyones been tested this late or should it been done by now?

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    ya u do. i got tested at around 29 weeks. bring it up at ur next ob appointment.

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    With all 3 of mine, it was at 26 weeks. I was pregnant not long ago also, and because of a strong family history of diabetes (and my 2 11lb babies, even without diabetes!) they decided to give me an early glucose screening at my initial appointment. They did it the exact same way as the 26 week test, with the Glucola drink, and blood-draw after an hour.

    And then there's my sister, the insulin-dependent diabetic, who the nurse almost killed by insisting she HAD to get the glucose screening! LOL

    My sis goes, "I DON'T NEED IT!! I already KNOW I'm diabetic, are you trying to kill me?!?" LOL

    I know it doesn't so much relate to the question, just thought I'd share. My sister and I still laugh about that one. Duh.

    Anyway, next time you go, ask if they're going to do one. They may do it right then, even. Or more likely, they'll schedule one and have you fast that morning.

    Either way, good luck to you!

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    My doc actually just gave me the paper work Monday to get tested in two weeks when I will be between 27 and 28 weeks pregnant.

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    Around 28 weeks my first pregnancy, and the same with my current pregnancy as well. I have to do it this week! You can have it done anytime, but for some reason they do it around 28 weeks or so - there must be a reason for that but I've never asked. Talk to your provider about it.

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    Between 24-28 weeks (having my test done in the morning...Yeah call your doc and bring it up to him/her

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    you should get tested around now... did you have diabetes in your first pregnancy.. if so they would have done one by now as you are more at risk if you previously had it.. symptoms start to rise around 20 to 24 weeks.. maybe you didn't seem as a high risk at the moment.. but if your concerned, mention it to the doctor and have it done.. good luck..

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    The test is usually done between 24-28weeks. However, it is possible that your doctor does not require the test because he feels that you have a low risk for GD.

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    I'm almost 30 weeks and havent been tested yet.

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    Yeah, it should have been done by now. I think I was maybe 4 or 5 months? I know it was in the 2nd semester. But, maybe your doc thinks you don't need it?

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