Serious question to Christians: What is the need of prayer requests?

In all sincerity, I've never understood the reason for prayer requests. If a person needs God's assistance or guidance or intervention why would he need more people praying for him? It just seems like a petition to me. Doesn't God hear the lone voice? Does the person with the most prayers on their behalf have a better chance of recieving God's mercy than the poor loner with no one pleading their case? Why do Christians say, "I'll pray for you?" to someone who is most likely praying for themselves. It's like saying, "let ME talk to him, I'll see what I can get done for you." Why would that person have more success?

Seriously, just wondering.

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    One of the purposes in prayer is the unburdening of the soul. Sharing your pains and concerns with God. When you say to someone, I'll pray for you, its not to be an extra voice, or because your prayer will be heard better, its to simply say that your pain weighs heavily in my heart because I care about you, and because of that care and the pain, you will be a part of my prayers. Its a Christian way of saying I love you and your pains and worries mean a lot to me. On the humanistic side, knowing that people care about you has a very healing effect whether it be emotional, spiritual or physical.

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    God hears every prayer, every sigh, and every tear. Prayer is powerful because if you have just one prayer that is one prayer. If you hear a hundred prayers about the same worthy and deserving person/situation, etc. it is magnified.

    You can't have 50 of you best friends get together and pray for the winning horses at the track. Doesn't work that way. It is based on the condition of the praying heart.

    The prayer of a righteous man avails much. But not always. A righteous man can be praying for a turd. Not sure if the prayer would be answered. Then again, a turd touched by something may pray for someone and it is answered.

    The best prayers are always for someone else - not yourself. Planting seeds on behalf of another yields future harvests for yourself.

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    As a Christian... you make a compelling argument. One that I'm surprised I haven't caught before (though I'm not one to participate in prayer chains or requests). However, I must say that it doesn't hurt to have a family member or friend agreeing with you in prayer. Some people just need that confirmation from others, to settle their emotional needs when praying for something. Which I do not think is a good thing. If you can't pray over something on your own, you have both spiritual and personal issues.

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    I find comfort in knowing that others are praying for me. Yes God does hear the lone voice and he does answer your prayer even if no one else is praying with you. Some times are faith is weak when we are going through tough situations that we may not understand why God would alow such things to happen in our life. It strenghthens faith when others share your grief, your burden. Knowing that others care enough for me to take my problem to God also. They may pray something that I would not have thought I needed and God answers and blesses me because someone prayed for me. Some people may not know how to pray or feels more distant from God at the time, and someone who doesn't have all the distraction of your situation can hear from God and give you the answer you were praying for. Sometimes we just don't hear that still small voice when we are distracted in our human emotions.

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    What a great question! The answer lies in the churches and there ability to keep hold of the flock they have, this is to do with survival, ie. if you can convince a person to pray on a regular basis this will set in concrete the thought "Church" it is a type of subliminal brainwashing not only used by religions. I do pray for things that are logical such as someone who is unwell to feel a bit more comfortable, this probably does not help the sufferer but it helps me.

  • Anne
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    4 years ago

    Not only Chisistians but also Muslim and Jewish people have only one God, even the ones who dont believe in religions but the God, have only one ,so any people who is believing in God must do a prayer for you and i will do so too.The ways to God is various but once the hearts are together nothing else matters.Also not many of people but only even a few or only you is enough if you pray with all your heart.God will never turn down a wish which was made sincerly.May God help you.İ hope they will get better soon...

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    You DONT need others to pray for you.

    God can hear you, god can hear each individual prayer from each individual person. When someone says "ill pray for you" They arent saying it because God wont listen to you, they just want to be nice. and hope that maybe the more that pray, the better your situation will get.

    But to your question, God can hear each person, you dont need to go thru anyone to pray.

  • Mike
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    1 decade ago

    Strangely enough I think the answer is that a lot of prayer does in fact pester God into doing something! My reason for saying that is that Jesus himself tells the story of a man who continually knocks on the door of his neighbour - wanting bread - in the middle of the night. Jesus tells us that the man just doesn't give up and keeps on knocking until he gets the bread from his neighbour. Jesus suggests that asking God for what we need is just like this!!!!

    However I don't think Jesus was implying that God doesn't listen to earnest and deep solitary prayer.

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    God blesses the lives of his children through his children (if that makes sense). So as we pray for others we're doing a couple of things.

    1. We're serving each other ("This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you" - John 15: 12)

    2. We're serving our fellow brothers and sisters which blesses our own lives.

    3. We're serving our God ("And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." Mosiah 2:17)

    I hope that helps.

  • STAX
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    I am a Christian and I think that is the dumbest thing in the universe! Prayer requests, chains, paying some clergy on TV to pray for you. All not what Jesus taught. Yes we can pray for each other but, using our brain! Not putting someone on a list. I can't imagine Jesus or one of his apostles getting out a scroll or piece of paper and saying, "Give me your name. I'll put it on a list and send it up". What?

    If your prayer is sincere and it is Gods will, he will help you no matter if just you or 100 people are praying for you. What if you were chained up in a small room by some kidnapper and nobody was there to put your name down on some list? Does that mean God wouldn't answer you because you couldn't get on a list for 100 people?

    When we pray for another person, we should think about it, use our brains and pour out our hearts like if we were talking to our best friend.

    Please somebody use some logic!

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