Magic Jack question!! Is it free too call ANYWHERE in the WORLD or just local and national??

I am thinking about singing up for the free trial and they send me to a upgrade website for 50 more plus the 39.99 for the first month after the trial , I will have 5 years free. Is it free too call to China, Inida, etc ? Can i Call mobile and home numbers internationaly or only people who have the magic jack in the other countries? Will i get charged any money for it if they dont? HELP thanks!

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    You should get one ! It's amazing !

    It's NOT FREE anywhere in the world, only in Usa and Canada , but the international rates are very small !

    Here you can find out about international rates and many other helpful things ! (India $0.15 China $ 0.02)

    I got mine and I'm happy I did it ! I even got 2 more for my sis and my mom and send it to them in Europe and now we talk for hours and it doesn't cost me a thing !

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    Magicjack India Rates

  • 1 decade ago

    The free calls are only within US and Canada. If the other party has a magicJack in China then only will it be a free call.

    They do have reasonable pre-paid international calling.

    You have to have high speed Internet access and a PC/Laptop with XP or Vista to use the magicJack.

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    International Rates do apply and you can BUY international rates too after you sign up when you log onto your account.

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  • 5 years ago

    Is it free to call Zimbabwe and Pakistan ?

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      only if the party you are calling has magic Jack too.... it costs $100 for 5 years if you sign up for that. I did and sent one to my Dad in Pakistan after registering it to my area code here in USA. I have been calling him and he has been calling me local FREE since past 4 years. Good luck

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    1 decade ago

    I believe it is, but some states aren't if you hook it up, you'll have an out of state number

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