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Why did I vomit after i donated blood?

I don't understand how that helps my body, i felt really drowsy and dizzy before and then i puked and I was completely fine: i got my strength back and saw clearly. How did vomiting help my body?

I did eat before.

Why did I get warm and sweaty when I was getting dizzy while donating?


no, this was my second time, the 1st time I felt fine and ready to go, so I thought it was strange that this happened the 2nd time around..

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    Simple response of your body. You need a certain amount of blood in your body for your heart to pump it to your organs. You donated blood so the volume went down. Youy heart had to start working hard. Your brain said it was not getting enough blood so it made you get dizzy and lie down (don't have to pump the blood up to the head against gravity). The nausea and vomitting, warm, and sweatiness are all part of the sympathetic system your body use to get your heart to pump faster and got you to lie down. Same thing happens when you get nervous or are in danger.

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    It's your body's way of telling you that you probably pushed yourself too hard after donating.

    After donating blood, you should cease any strenous activities for at least 12 hours, drink plenty of fluids and try to keep away from too much sugars, it can make your blood sugar soar, and make you dizzy/vomit.

    I get the same way if I push myself too hard or eat too many sweets within 12 hours after donating.

    If it bothers you too much, you can always call the Blood donation clinic. They can explain what happened, they usually recommend that you call if anything strange happens to you after a donation.

    During your donation, you should ALWAYS let the person taking your blood know if you feel strange during the procedure. There could be any number of reasons why you felt the way you did. Maybe you're coming down with something. It could also do with nerves - was it your first time donating??

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    I throw up every time I donate blood and have no reason why. The first time I didn't eat much but the second time I ate breakfast and still threw up. I have anxiety so I think that's why and I just got really anxious.

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    This literally just happened to me yesterday. I've given dozens of times with no problems. The lady at the Red Cross said I didn't eat long enough before donating.

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