Should Obama let Rice keep her post?

Of course Obama, Edwards,Rice... Wonderful

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    No. Rice is a republican, and the president picks his cabinet. A democratic president elect will not in good conscience nominate a republican Secretary of State.

    Obama will not let her keep her post, especially considering her slap-stick testimony before the 9-11 commission. The white house claimed 'executive privilege" to try and keep her from having to testify, but a public outrage forced her to answer for Bush's incompetence. And heres what happened:

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    She is just as guilty as Bush, as far as I'm concerned. And given Obama's affinity for transparency, hopefully her misdealings will be brought to light.

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    NO NO NO:

    If anything, she should be in Prison, she is a disgrace to America, and should be brought up on charges. The whole State Department is Corrupted.

    After Colin Powell left, it went to hell, she's nothing more then a puppet, or

    a yes person to Bush. Just another lying a**hole, or did you forget her testimony to Congress, I DON'T REMEMBER, I DON'T KNOW. A pure

    waste of Taxpayers money. Colin Powell is NO yes man to anybody, he has more integrity, honesty, humility & respectibility then all of Washington combined. A RIGHTEOUS TRUE GENERAL

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    Tell me...

    What power does an unelectable U.S. senator have over the Secretary of State?

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    He won't but he should. She is experienced,tough and smart

    as hell.


    Source(s): This is assuming that he will win the general election...which he will not.
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    what for?

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