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Wrestling fun facts and WQ?

Mr. Perfect (Curt Hennig) made his return to the WWE at the 2002 "Royal Rumble." Which superstar eliminated Mr. Perfect?

Triple H. Curt was the 25th entrant.

Who did Miss Elizabeth last manage in WCW?

Lex Luger. She managed Randy Savage in WWF and shortly in WCW.

What group was Brian Pillman a member of in WWF?

Hart Foundation. Ironically, he was an American. The rest were Canadian.

What was Kerry Von Erich's wrestling name in WWF?

Texas Tornado. He beat Mr. Perfect for the Intercontinental Title on November 19, 1990, but lost it.

Owen Hart claimed to be a Slammy Award winner of how many times?

2. Technically, he only won one, but he took the second before the winner could be named.

At what "Wrestlemania" did Yokozuna win the WWF Heavyweight Title but lost it seconds later?

Wrestlemania IX. He won it from Bret Hart, but was beaten by Hulk Hogan seconds later after Mr. Fuji challenged Hogan to a match.

'British Bulldog' Davey Boy Smith was bodyslammed onto a tray of dog excrement by whom?

The Rock. Mankind scooped it, and The Rock slammed Bulldog onto it.

Andre the Giant's last WWF match was at what event?

Wrestlemania VI. He later wrestled for another promotion shortly.

Which one of these was Rick Rude not a part of?

Hart Foundation. He was with Shawn Michaels in DX, and he was with Curt Hennig in the nWo and Wolfpac.

Renegade was first managed by whom in WCW?

Jimmy Hart. He was WCW's version of the WWE's Ultimate Warrior.


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