Population and Natural Selection?

If you were planning to determine the population density of a species of a rodent in a wooded area, how would you plan the work ?

what equipment and skills would you need?

What if you were going to determining the density of a large mammal population (white-tail deer)

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    Population studies of rodents generally call for trapping them and either marking them or removing them from the population. A few nights of trapping are usually sufficient to allow you to estimate population size.

    Deer may be sampled by direct counting or by counting piles of their droppings. The University of Michigan does an annual drive on its preserve, where students and faculty spread out along one end of their preserve, walk to the other end, and count the deer as they run by.

    Usually the equipment for a population study includes traps and something to mark the animals. The skills are statistical and not all that complicated.

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    to determine the population density~you would need to # of birth rate, and # of death rate of the type of species your are experimenting on..

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