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Cleaning my cat litter box..?

If I use gloves and wear a little doctors type mask, will I be fine with cleaning the litter box? I have 2 cats and I cant wait until my fiance gets home after work to clean it. I like it cleaned a few times a day

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    I wear gloves and make sure to wash my hands right after I change my cat's box. She is so incredibly picky that she'll go on the floor if her box isn't clean... and I really cannot depend on my husband to do this.

    I've changed her box all throughout my pregnancy and have been perfectly fine. If your cat is an indoor cat then the chances of you catching something are extremely rare. IF she did have a disease then you would only catch it by actually touching her feces. And really, who does that?

    There is also a simple blood test your doctor can give you to see if you carry this disease. Most likely though, you do not.

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    I know how you feel, I also have 2 cats and 1 box. It needs to be cleaned out at least 2 times a day. If I don't remind my husband to clean it everyday, he wont. My cats have their box in the garage and I walked out there a few weeks back and realized that it probably hadn't been cleaned in 2 weeks! My father in law even yelled at him for it... lol!

    My doctor said that if I can avoid it it's best to not clean it at all, but if I HAVE to do it then use a mask and latex gloves. He also said to wash my hands with antibacterial soap afterwards.

    You can clean it like this, but anytime that your fiance is available to clean it have him do it. To be honest, sometimes cats don't even carry toxoplasmosis, but it's best not to take that risk.

    Good luck and congrats!

    Source(s): 28wks with 2nd boy, and owned by 2 cats!
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    I've read that if you've had cats for a long time you've most likely been exposed to toxoplasmosis and are immune to it. I think I read that in Cat Fancy, or some other cat magazine. I'd say using gloves and washing your hands well afterward is safe enough, but talk to your doctor just to make sure. Also, it can only harm the baby in the first trimester. But, again, ask the doctor to make sure.

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    you should be fine...the doctor told me if i clean it to wear gloves and a mask but not to do it very often so a few times a day would be out of the question!

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    im using my pregnancy as an excuse not to clean the litter box, i say the longer i dont have to clean it and my man does, the better, i heard roomers of that, but my mom has always had cats, and always changes thier litter box (even while prego with me and my sister) and shes had 2 very healthy (and beautiful if i do say so my self lol ) children

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    My Cat Does The Same Thing. They Want To Make Sure Its Done Right.

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    why take the chance? the taxoplasmosis parasite in cat feces can potentially kill the baby. i wouldnt risk it. i have two cats and my fiance cleaned the box twice a week instead of the twice a day, i just had to look passed it, my cats survived!

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    I have cats too, and if you have someone who can take care of this for you, let them. Let your fiance clean it before he goes to work and then when he gets home. You woldn't even want to take the chance just to do it yourself, would you??

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    I would if i took those precautions, and washed my hands thoroughly afterwards just in case. It's personal choice though, and what you feel comfortable with. Some people drink and smoke when they're pregnant and others don't. Your choice.

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    I would leave it untilyour fiance gets home - no point taking any risks where your baby is concerned. My husband took over that job for me when I was pregnant.

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