Can You Download Videos from You Tube?

Can You Download Videos from You Tube

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    I dont really know, but my vids are pretty funny (except the slide show) my name on youtube is hunnaisgreat, check them out (all but the slideshow)

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    Yes, you just need to Download "RealPlayer 9" and after downloading that. Go to the video you want to download and just right click and it will say "download to realplayer 9" and after clicking it will download and a little box will show up and there will be 2 little links next to it. you will click the one that says play or somthing on the lines of that. and it will take you to the realplayer9 home and will be playing the movie.



    I really hope this was help!


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    1 decade ago


    U can try Moyea flv downloader. It downloads fast with very high quality, and it's free!

    Install and start the downloader.

    You needn't get the url when downloading the vid.

    Press "start recording"

    Click in the vid you plan to download(Make sure that the vid is playing).

    The downloader will automatically save it to your hard drive.

    Then you can watch it with the bounded flv player.

    You can search "flv downloader" on for more info.

  • 1 decade ago

    yeah you can, but it depends on what type of program you want to download them from. For instance, if you wanted to save videos from YouTube for your PSP, then download the PSP Video Downloader 9. It will convert the videos for you and able to play it on the PSP. That's just one program, I am sure you can find more.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, it is possible. I use firefox with the extension DownloadHelper. However it downloads with the file format of flash video having an extension of .flv it is easily play able if you have a codec for it. I use the k-lite codec pack for all my video and audio needs.

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    1 decade ago

    Yeah, the easiest way to do it is download latest version of realplayer and install it. Then you have the option to download any video you stream on the web.

  • 1 decade ago

    go to, copy the address of the video u wanna download from youtube and paste it in the bar you see, after that click download.

    Note: you're going to need FLV player to play the video(s) u can download it from

  • 1 decade ago

    Lots of free & easy ways to download and convert YouTube vids here, and an explanation/comparison of different options:;_ylt=Anos1...

    Step by step videos on how-to download and convert YouTube vids

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    1 decade ago

    Yeah. You will need to downloadd a spesific product to do it though.

    You can find it out google though.

    If its for your ipod just type in put you tube videos on my ipod. It will bring up a page with the product im on about.

  • you could if you have the new version of real play er first i wanted to download but i found out had downloading videos so i chose that better but install realplayer if you need to download from youtube

    hope i helped

    Source(s): my realplayer and youtube
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, though you have to go though a bit of a method to download them, firstly copy address bar link of the youtube video you want to download, then go to

    paste the link into there then click download, once you have downloaded the file that it gives you add .flv to the end of the name of it call it what ever you like but add .flv to the end, then go to and put the file into there and then select it to be converted to .mp4 and put in your email address and upload the file to the zamzar site, they will email you the video in a playable format download what they send you and you have the video.

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