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Good Horror Comics?

I want to know some good horror comics or some good comics with gore or vampires or zombies or something like that.

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    Here're some great horror comics I've enjoyed from my years of reading comics

    The Walking Dead - an ongoing Zombie series that's one of the best comics on the stands at the moment

    30 Days of Night - the movie kind of sucked, as do the sequels, but the original miniseries about Vampires invading a small Alaskan town was great

    Marvel Zombies - this is humorous, but also very gorey. Imagine Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America and more transformed into unstoppable flesh eaters (avoid Marvel Zombies 2, but the first one and the Army of Darkness crossover were great)

    Army of Darkness - they've done a multitude of AoD comics over the past couple of years. They aren't the best things ever written, but if you liked the movie you'll enjoy these.

    Johnny the Homicidal Maniac - the appeal has kind of been dilliuted since the gothy/Hot Topic crowd got wind of this, but it's a sick, gorey, humourous classic from the guy who created Invader Zim

    Hellboy - You might have seen the movie. The comics are a lot darker and less campy, about a demon raised by men who works as a paranormal investigator

    Sandman - not strictly horror, but often classified as such. The first couple of arcs have some really messed up stuff in them, like the diner scene and the serial killer convention. Really, it's one of the greatest comic series of all time, and touches on all genres.

    Preacher - Angels, Vampires, serial killers, sodomy, an unholy conspiracy to cause Armageddon, what's not to love?

    EC comics - the horror comics from the 1950s (Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror, Weird Science) are available in reprint. They might be a bit retro, but they're classic good storytelling.

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    You can find a list of all the best horror comics here:

    My favorites are EC comics like Tales from the crypt and Haunt of Fear

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    Find some reprints of the old EC horror comics from the 50s. Trust me, they're the best ever published.

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