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What are the titles and authors of some BANNED BOOKS and why were they banned?

I have heard of the book Steal This Book. It was banned because it told people how to steal things.

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    its not a book but "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss was banned in several elementary schools. i think it was because the timber companies and other people didn't like the strong anti-logging/ commercialism/ logging/ pollution themes.

    Harry Potter books have been banned in some school's, too.

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    George Orwell (author of "1984" and "animal farm" had all of his novels banned in the soviet union because they were critical of communism and the soviet regime.

    In England at the time of romanticism (i think it was the early-mid 1800s) books that insulted the government were banned and anyone who wrote them or read them was put to death. Some peopel used to hide copies of these books in caves for their friends to find and read them.

    Pretty much throughout English history books that insult the king or queen or government are banned, this is why most of Shakespeare's plays are set abroad.

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    Wild Swans by Jung Chang - banned in China for being critical of the government.

    Harry Potter - banned by idiots as it supposedly promotes witchcraft.

    Dr Zhivago by Boris Pasternak.

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    To Kill A Mockingbird- by Harper Lee

    Schools banned it because it uses the word N****r

    people even had burrials for that word, 3 officail ones

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    "To Kill A Mockingbird" was actually banned in some schools because of the racism presented throughout the novel.

  • harry potter, dan brown series, chronicles of narnia, and the golden compas series

    basically because ignorant adults of the canadian (you'll find this in ontaria, alberta, bc, manitoda, nfl'd) and mostly of the catholic and private school sectore deem that the material leads kids astray from reality and into witchcraft.

    which i think is stupid because they don't give kids any credit to just read and injoy and not read to be influenced by fiction writers.

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    "catcher in the rey" because even though it has a lot of symbols, it also has lots of profanity.

    "The bean trees" because it has to do with helping immigrants.

    "Harry Potter" because it promotes witchcraft

    "A tree grows in Brooklyn" but i dont know why, sorry

    "the Adventures of Huckleberry fin" because the word "ni99er" is in there

    "flowers in the attic" because it has some pornographic scenes. (the book is still VERY good)

    they are good literature, no doubt, but alot of the books are banned because they promote illegal activity, sexual content and or bad language.

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    theyve banned harry potter at my school bc it goes against the bible (i go 2 a christian btw) and the book maniac magee in my elementary school

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    from my junior high school, they were thinking about banning harry potter books when the churches said the witchcraft was related to the devil, but they never lasted.

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    Check out this site. Also Google "banned books."

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