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What would you do with 10 million dollars for Egypt?

If you were given 10 million dollars to invest right back into Egypt what would you spend it on?

You can be as charitable as the Jolie-Pitts or as frivolous as those wonderful Emirs in Dubai ;) :P

Whatever you want: where would those big bucks go?


Egypt ya Angelo!

You lose your 10 million :P

Update 2:

Everyone has very interesting ideas, and yes Shalfat, I was thinking myself what could be done to help with the bread situation...

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  • Hope
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    1 decade ago
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    The best thing to do is to invest those $ 10 million, half would be invested in interest bearing stocks and bonds (steady income, the rates are already fixed and known) and the other half would be invested in actual business and since the number 1 profitable business worldwide is Medicine, then, i would recommend this field to start investing in it (yeah believe it or not, it yields more profits than dealing in arms and weapons).

    Anyway, the profit from both investments will be entirely used to benefit the people, in infrastructure, education, medication and other beneficial usage...... this way i have kept the capital and at the same time used up all the interest for the welfare of the people to bring in more money..... cos if i used up the 10 million all at once then they will be over soon and its benefits will not be felt or admired.

    A wise Chinese proverb says...... u want to help somebody get his dinner, don't give him food for one night, but teach him to fish so he could bring his food every night !!

    @ Alissar: Thanks sweetheart.

    @ Cleo: thanks a lot, and once again welcome back and congrats may u have a peaceful pregnancy and an easy delivery ISA.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Buy All The Factories That Mubarak Sold To Feed His Kersh And Build New Ones And Launch An Egyptian Entertainment Company Which Would Make Music Video Games And Films To Be Exported Internationally And Turn Egypt Into A Capitalist Egypt Of Course 10 Million $$$ Would Be Mere Change For This Dreams.

    At Hope

    The Guy Who Said This Was Lao Tzu he Said

    "Give A Man A Fish And You Feed For A Day Teach A Man To Fish And You feed For A Lifetime"

  • Holly
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    4 years ago

    Sure. Although now it's over 600 million dollars. If a squirrel is willing to lay down some cash for some tickets, then the squirrel should have an equal shot at the jackpot. Fair is fair.

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    I would build schools for all the children of Egypt. And make it law like in UK that they have to attend. I saw so many children at Giza who should have been at school, but they were selling and raising money with their fathers. If they had a good education then that would help them in later life to got job.

    Then I would build entertainment areas for children with a water theme park where they could go and play. there would be one in Cairo, Luxor and near the resorts of Sharm and Hurgada.

    Then i would build myself a villa in Sharm so i would have somewhere to go everytime I visited.

    The rest would go to upgrade their hospitals and buy equipment they badly need.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I relate to the answers from Elsie, Allisir & Hope, thumbs up girlies. If i were voting on this though Hope would definitely get the 10 points.

  • 1 decade ago

    overthrow the government. 10 million is more than enough for me to get hosny outta egypt. and then watch and see the new president of egypt is gonna do what!!

    ; )

  • 1 decade ago

    I would get a couple of the new lasik sets , and make a big fancy lasik center and get paid a lot of money for operations , then pay most of the profit for surgeries of children especially in heart and eye surgery .

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    80.000.000 population / 10.000.000 $ = 8 $ .....not so good...forget that idea...

    I would give the money to an orphanage, cancer hospital, especially for the children and help all the poor people....

    and let all the children go to school and get education...

    for me I don't want anything. it's enough to me to see others happy.....and that I'm in Egypt and stay there.... :)


    you are so warm-hearted, very sensitive.... :)


    great idea!!! :) ...I think you are orange, walla seret orange-yellow mix ;)


    a veryyyyyyyyyyy great answer :) very wise...

  • boo
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    1 decade ago

    Actually I will give some money to the poor especially those in need of help.

  • 1 decade ago

    i would visit as many unforgetable sites and places as i could, eg, tutankhamuns tomb.

    or just have fun, shop and visit theme parks and leisure centres !

    try typing your question into google

    this will help.

    i would maybe giv a quater of it to your charity you care for the most, but thats your decision.


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