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Separating Rock from Pop?

That seems to be the big question these days. Yeah, great , I'm all for it. Let's say they did, what would be the next burning question on everyones minds?;_ylt...



Update 2:

Hey Dave! You need to come back to Refugees!!!!

Update 3:

Where would my shoegazer, and Ethereal Goth go? If we are getting down to it?

Update 4:

Know? Awesome!

"Why stop the whale questions? Because Flying Bison are way cooler."

Update 5:

I think it wouldn't do any good to separate the two. Who would decide what group belongs in pop and what does not? I have seen so many people who are puzzeled by genres. MCR fans swear they are rock, I think they are Pop. Kelly clarkson is called rock, Ashley Simpson is supposed to be punk ( or something) .

Too much descension, it would never work. Its annoying to read the question again and again.

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    Like genius Bryan Ferry would say...


    end of discussion.

    Besides it is more fun.


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    Just set up a filter to get rid of all the questions about

    -My Chemical Romance

    -Fall Out Boy

    -Panic At The Disco

    -Any Modern Pop

    -Beluga Whales

    Why stop the whale questions? Because Flying Bison are way cooler.

  • LOL! Nothing I say is going to top Rcket's answer and so I'm not even going to try. Nicely said Rckets! Remind me to incorporate "with a twist" into each and every question I ask from now on..LMAO! I actually think Darth was the founder of the "twist" and everyone else ran with it from there. I wouldn't fault him as much as all the sheep out there looking to cash in on someone elses originality. Damn people...

    Maybe we can move on to the more important question...Why is it that everyone talks about cake, yet NO ONE follows through with a nice big piece for us all? Now THAT'S what I would like to know!

  • Holly
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    4 years ago

    Well considering pop stands for popular... Popular rock is pretty much what people listen to... Rolling Stones are pop rock. Popular rock.

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    We need a Heavy Metal section, Rock and Kool-Aid bands(pop/emo bands) aren't a good mix here but I doubt yahoo is gonna do anything about it I am so fed up with the Jonas Sister questions on here.

  • Rckets
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    I think we need to put a moratorium on any question that contains any of the following:

    "with a twist" - Seriously, who got this one started? A day never goes by when there isn't a question that contains a twist. A twist of what, lemon juice? No more twists, PLEASE! Maybe we should all break out into Chubby Checker.

    "Yahoo wanted to file this under....." - Yeah, yeah, stop me if you think you've heard that one before, we get the point.

    Also, any "Rock is Dead" question should be allowed complete freedom as to what the response could be without fear of violations.

    Beatle fanatic - Thanks, man. My vision of it consists of a giant R&P stage production, like some sort of deranged Broadway number.

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    I think the next question would be about sub-genres - whether or not MCR should be in the metal section.

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    Next would be, when will Yahoo separate Rap & Hip Hop?

    They are completely different, I mean isn't Hip Hop just dance music and you can't dance to Rapping!

    Edit: rckets: That hilarious, lets do the Twist!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Seperating Rock from Pop is like selling the bits of Oreo's seperately. Sure we all love the middle bit way more than the biscuit, but no-one really wants it seperated.

    Source(s): Current fetish for biscuits.
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    After that it would be, making a different category for the many sub-genres of music. Also, a seperate category for MCR, FOB and PATD. Until we have exactly 3,569 categories in music.

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    Need A Metal Thread...

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