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Would you ever trade for Kerry Wood, Ben Sheets, Rich Harden, or AJ Burnett?....?

Considering their Tendency to get hurt seemingly getting out of bed in the morning.


Is the risk worth the possible Reward?

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    If I were running a professional franchise those are the types of guys I wouldn't even want to sniff. People are in love with Kerry Wood, but let's not forget that 20 K day he had was almost 10 years ago, and he really hasn't done anything in his career. AJ Burnett is AJ Burnett, he's done next to nothing in his career with the exception of flashes of dominance and getting injured, Ben Sheets is a great pitcher when healthy, but he's extremely frail.

    Now, Rich Harden is the type of guy I might take a flyer on though, since he's still relatively young and perhaps he could get beyond his injury problems still. Harden has great stuff and is disgustingly talented. He isn't the biggest guy at 6'1, 185 - but he isn't tiny either. He doesn't have a terribly violent delivery either, so perhaps he's just run into some bad luck.

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    If I could find someone stupid enough to take Woods hell yes.

    Ben Sheet I would keep now that the Brewers have a decent lineup to give him some run support.

    Rich Harden is a keeper with lots of promise.

    A.J. Burnett has posted decent era's since coming over to the AL east but I would trade him.

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    With Sheets the risk is worth it. When this guy pitches, he is one of the top three pitchers in the NL. I would trade some top tier prospects for this guy, however, I would not sign him to a big free agent deal.

    Wood is also worth a look because of his willingness to start and pitch out of the pen, but I would not give up less talent than with Sheets. I would probably make guys who are on the 40 man roster but are playing behind established players under contract or are guys who are out of options.

    Harden is almost in the same category as Wood, but it is a harder sell for me.

    Burnett, I personally wouldn't touch outside of signing him to a minor league deal and having him as a non-roster invitee to spring training.

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    wood, yes, not worth all the money....too much money for a unproven "closer"...

    sheets, no..

    harden, yes...

    Burnett, not at all, i think he still has something in the tank and can be really productive....but it depends on the deal...i still remember when he pitched the no hitter against the padres, i thought he was the next big thing, but too bad he played for a team that sucked and couldn't score runs...(marlins)....

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sheets and Harden yes, Wood and Burnett no.

  • Erika
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    i would defidently drop wood because i personallythink that he will loose his closing job to marmol. I like harden but i worry about his run support in oakland.milwalkie is my pick to win the division so id take ben sheets.

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    Yes, no,no, yes.

    Sheets will perform when he plays. As well as Harden.

    Wood, I'd take the first offer someone makes for him. I think he's on track to lose that closer job to Marmol. This kid is going to be great!

    AJ has a fake fingernail for Pete's sake. His breaking ball is not going to work as it has in the past. Trade him.

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    I wouldn't mind seeing Sheets in a Cards uni.

  • John H
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    I would take Rich Harden or A.J. Burnett but only if it didn't cost me any really good prospects.

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