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chest x-ray!?

my chest x-ray has come back today as normal and my ecg and blood pressure is fine its believed i have pulled a muscle around the heart and exhaustion could this be right? do i have anything to worry about? im such a paranoia. does this confirm im ok?

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    Standard examination of a patient complaining of chest pain( the most common complaint for an ER visit) includes:

    1. EKG- electrocardiogram- think big voltmeter measuring heart electrical activity. dmage causes area's of poor conduction, which changes the shape of the wave.

    2. X-ray primarily to rule out pulmonary (lung) causes like infections or pneumonia. it can also see bleeding and free air.

    3. A blood test for cardiac enzymes. When any muscle is damaged enzymes are released. cardiac muscle has specific enzymes they test for.

    Having a normal ekg rules out or catches 50 percent of Heart attacks.

    A normal blood pressure is nice, but doesnt rule out anything.

    Can chest wall( muscle) pain be confused with cardiac pain...maybe. but normally chest wall pain is reproducable with motion, or inspiration and is effected by patient activity and position. Cardiac pain often described as pressure or a weight will not change with ... lets say taking a deep breath or raising your arms.

    are their causes of chest pain, that are not heart attacks, but still dangerous...YES!!!

    Pulmonary embolism....(ive had this)

    Aortic anueysm

    Angina pectoralis



    Source(s): paramedic
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    Be very happy,, throw a party,, you are normal,, think of all those people who had the same tests as you,,, think of those that have come back abnormal,., with problems,, with a bad prognosis,, come on girl,, throw a party,,live you life to the full,, live a healthy,, happy life,,some people don't have paranoia,, its real,, so go away and enjoy your life!

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    Straining the muscles around the chest cavity are normal and nothing to be worried about.

    Source(s): wife to double lung transplant recipient and CF patient
  • sleaze
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    your ok. know many people who had the same thing. rest and time is all you need, with a little motrin for the pain

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    oh hun..quit worrying and check back to your sure you're fine..

  • ask yr doc?..did you not have a consultation when you got the results?

  • Anonymous
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    they need to prescribe you a muscle relaxer and if it doesnt help.. request more testing..

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