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What's the name of the song playing on the radio during the nighttime battle in "Apocalypse Now"?

During the scene, all you can hear is an awesome guitar solo. It reminded me of Jimi Hendrix, but I'm not sure if that was him. Can anyone help please??

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    "The End"

    by The Doors

    Performed by The Doors

    Courtesy of Elektra/Asylum Records

    "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"

    Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

    Performed by The Rolling Stones

    Courtesy of ABKCO Records

    "Love Me, And Let Me Love You"

    by Robert Duvall

    "The Ride of the Valkyries"

    from "Die Walküre"

    Composed by Richard Wagner

    Conducted by Georg Solti

    Performed by Die Wiener Philharmoniker (as The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra)

    Courtesy of Decca Record Company Ltd/London Records Inc.

    "Let The Good Times Roll"

    by Leonard Lee

    "Suzie Q"

    by Dale Hawkins, S. J. Lewis, E. Broadwater

    Performed by Flash Cadillac

    Courtesy of Private Stock Records

    Excerpts from "Mnong Gar Music from Vietnam"

    Courtesy of OCORA Radio France

    "Collection Musee de l'homme"

    Zoetrope Music Company

    "Surfin' Safari"

    Brian Wilson and Mike Love

    Guild Music (BMI) c/o Original Sound Entertainment

    my bet for the song your looking for might be "the end" or "The Ride of the Valkyries" might also be one to look but it is more musical than anything the because susie Q is not strong with guitar, and " let the good times roll" is an old dance song,

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    The song in the soundtrack is called "Do Lung" But the guitar portion is done by Randy Hansen.

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    During the helio flight it was "Flight of the Valkyries" by Wagner (pronounced Vahgner).

    The Hendrix song was during the trip up the river and it was "Purple Haze".

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