I am about to close on a home through USAA. At this point, are my chances good on getting a home?

I know it's a silly question, but my wife is bombarding me with her friends home loan horror stories and I would like to get realistic feedback, not from people who watch "The View" and "Clean House" all day.

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    your wife is scared because of 'yellow dogs of media'?

    truth is many are losing because of joint faults in getting mortgages they honestly could not afford.

    ALOT more are not losing their houses over 95% of home owners aren't.

    which sells more news?

    u and she wants to visit dave ramsey.com to learn from others bigger mistakes.

    u and she can get on a real budget . cash in is greater than cash out and never use slave credit.

    do not fall into 'empty house syndrom' and run up slave credit to fill house.

    have her get 2nd job so u have extra money. OK u get one also.

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    ok you are closing on a house thru usaa and what are your chances of getting a house? is it the same house you are getting ready to close on? if so i would say damn good ....if there is a problem you would already know long before it got to the time of them writing out the loan..and if you are close to closing that is what they are doing at this point..do you have an estimate on what your interest will be what your payment will be with the insurance..have you contacted an insurance company? if not you may not be as close to closing as you think

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    Your question is?

    Not enough info. . . .

    If you're closing, what's the problem?

    As long as you haven't gone out and bought a new car, run up a lot of debt, etc. since applying for your mortgage, there should be no problem. Lenders HATE it when borrowers go out and buy a new car and a truck, and increase their indebtedness over what it was at time of loan application.

    My son raves about USAA, although he hasn't bought a home with them, yet.

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    1 decade ago

    USAA is great to work with. They have different priorities than other banks. If you are about to close there won't be any problems form them.

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    1 decade ago

    If they have scheduled a closing date, I'd say the deal is basically done

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