If Christianity is such a "stupid" religion why didn't it disappear in 2000 years?

A cannot think of another religion that was more attacked in the history of the earth.It is obvious that Christianity is a true religion. So I beg all the atheists around the world to think about this question.
Update: The point was "why didn't it disappear in 2000 years" while "being the most attacked religion". Some people lack simple logic or are willingly ignorant as the bible teaches us.
Update 2: I am a Christian but my question may sound like coming from an atheist just to prove that atheist don't like to admit the truth.
Update 3: If you don't believe that Christianity is the most attacked religion in the world just look at this web site. There are thousand of Q&A that mock Jesus Christ, God and the moral principles. I don't see anybody making fun of paganism,atheism or other beliefs.
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