Free interactive HTML calendar?

Ok, so I'm making a website for one of the clubs I'm involved with at school. We really would love to have a calendar that shows what events are on what day. Maybe by, like, scrolling over the date and it popping up with an event? I'm open to any ideas! We're using Freewebs for our web hosting, if that helps. I already looked at all of the widgets, the only calendar is Google and you have to have a Google account. We don't have any money in the budget for a website (hence the free webhosting site), so buying a program is out of the question. I also don't really want to download a program, not much mem on my computer.

Thanks in advance!


I went to the website, it really helped. I got the table written. It was so easy! Can't believe I couldn't figure out how to do a basic table!! Now I have a new problem--we want to be able to hover over the cell the date is in, and have a little box hover over the cell with the event information. Make sense? How would I do that?

Update 2:

Ha, nevermind those last additional details, didn't read through all of the answers. ::feels stupid::

Update 3:

Answer Detective, your answer really helped. Is there a way to make the text box that shows when I scroll over the cell an actual box, like with a scroll and all?

Update 4:

I promise this is the last part of this question! Is there a way I can make it scroll through a few months? Like, you know the calendars that have the month at the top and on each side of the month there's little arrows that link to new months? Can I do that using HTML? I can use something else, but you'd have to put the code for it and tell me what part does what because I'm not toooo tech savvy.

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    Oh well, that's easy. It doesn even need programming, just a little HTML, unless you want your table to be an image. (Cuter, I know, but you'd have to use JavaScript and something like a pixel-measuring tool to make it do the job.)

    Anyways, here's the easy way:

    1) Make a calender using the <table> tags.




    <th colspan="100%">














    2)After that, you could make the background yellow or something for those dates with unique events. If all of you guys use modern browsers, then I recommend CSS:

    <td style="background-color: yellow">



    You could even make the borders special!

    <td style="background-color: yellow; border : 8 red groove">



    If some of you use old browsers, like IE3 or earlier, then I don't think it'll be easy to do such a thing.

    3) Now, the pop-up boxes part. Simply put the number in an <a> tag and use the title attribute to write what should appear:

    <td style="background-color: yellow; border : 8 red groove">

    <a title="This is the day we are going to visit China in. Ni hao. :)">1</a>


    4) At last, now when one of them hovers over the number 1, a pop-up box (like the ones you see sometimes when you hover over a link) should appear and say:

    This is the day we are going to visit China in. Ni hao. :)

    You might go further by changing the color of the text too, especailly that Firefox will make an <a> tagged text, even if with no source, (i.e. It won't make you go anywhere) blue and underlined in default.

    If any concept here is hard, visit

    Hope this helps.

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    Free Interactive Calendar For Website

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    google accounts as well as the calendar are free. You can add the calendar to your web page as well as have it send sms (text) messages out as a reminder for upcoming events.

    Also you will be able to view check and add events through text messaging

    Google always impresses me with the services they can offer for free

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    Google and Yahoo both have free calendars you can easily add to your Web site.

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