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Eric Gagne, and Kerry Wood.... Its one game, But Are The Cubs and Milwaukee nervous right now?

I think Gagne is done, DONE, he was only ever anything apparently because of the Steroids.. Wood, i think you need to wait on a lil while.. though, He sure didnt look very intimidating yesterday with his fastball even at 95.


Posho, I dont doubt The Brewers, i like them alot... i think the Cubs are better, but it'll be a fight in that division. That said, "Doubt" of Gagne is an Understatement, I think its clear he was only ever ANYTHING because of the Steroid use and Now...pfft.

Update 2:

WHOA!! Im not saying throw anybody under the bus. Funny how Fans hear what they CHOOSE to hear... i think GAGNE is finished, he was Finished LAST YEAR in boston, i dont know WHAT the heck the Brewers were thinking giving him that Contract. Wood, I have no idea about, but i would think the Pen would be better suited to him now, given his lack of Durability... But I dont Think wood is "done", i was just curious, if Cub fans were worried at all, seeing how bad he looked.

Update 3:

Papelbon and Rivera are not giving up 3 run HRs in the Ninth inning.. Papelbon might give up a Solo shot or two, Rivera might give up a looping single or two.. but what happened to Wood and Gagne yesterday, is not happening to Rivera or Papelbon

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    I think Eric Gagne should apply for a job at a Car Wash company...because his career in the majors is over. OVER! As for Kerry Wood....Im going to say it was OPening Day jitters (although that didn't stop Kosuke Fukodome)...but I say be patient with Kerry Wood. If this consists for longer than...say....a couple weeks.....time to find a new closer. Wait until the end of the month to see where he is at. If he can't get the job done.....somebody else will. Cubs fans CAN'T wait another 100 years for a WS Championship!

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    The Brewers coaching staff actually have a lot of faith in Gagne. Unfortunately for them he did not get off to the start he nor they wanted him to.

    The guy has good stuff but it's his location. He has to come to understand that he's not the Gagne of 6 years ago who could get away with blowing fast ball past guys over the middle of the plate. That fast ball also was at 98 to 101 which makes a difference.

    If he could learn another pitch that would throw batters off from sitting on his fast ball it would do wonders for him.

    It's a little early to dismiss him after one shaky outing.

    As for Kerry Wood whom I can no longer make excuses for, the man simply is no longer an effective pitcher. His past injuries and operations have obviously taken a tool on his body. His pitches have nothing on them and no movement whatsoever.

    It looks like Marmol will be the closer sooner than expected.

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    The Brewers are 1-0 and the Cubs are 0-1. There are 162 games and even Papelbon and Rivera will have those types of games.

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    I would say both might have "concerns" but it's Milwaukee that should be the most "nervous."

    Wood will be given slack. First, he's a "hometown" guy so the team, fans and media know that he's worked through tough times before. Second, even the organization knows that he's not the best reliever in the pen (Carlos Marmol is) but like Ryan Dempster before, they felt he was best suited to be a closer, so I think he'll be allowed to grow into the role.

    Gagne is a "hired gun" who was brought in specifically to replace the departed Francisco Cordero....There's not a lot of dependable options beyond him....Riske is "risky." Turrnbow is inconsistent, and Mota has never been able to make that jump from set-up guy to closer.

    Wood, I think, has a better chance to improve than Gagne and Chicago has more options than Milwaukee if either should fail.

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    No offense to Cubs fans but Woods has had it. He can no longer perform at the major league level on a consistant basics to be a closer.

    I think Gagne needs to clear his head and move the ball around more. He doesn't need to throw every pitch for a strike.

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    Hello! Woods is done. The guy can't pitch to save his life. You people ned to stop think about the old days and look at what Woods has given the Cubs in the past few years which is not a damn thing.

    It's Gagne that can be worked with. His arm is still good.

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    I believe Wood can handle the job. I don't believe Gagne was ever helped all that much by his use of PEDs (there's a lot of emerging empirical evidence that the benefits are mostly in the mind), but he's just not the pitcher he used to be. He fell apart in Boston last year. Part of that might be attributed to the pressure, but that's the closer role. I suspect the Cubbies will be happy with Wood's work this season, but that the Brewers will be disappointed with Gagne.

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    The Cubs should go to Marmol anyway. He had an awesome spring. Then, yesturday he struck out 3 guys and looked amazing. I think it is just a matter of time before he gets the nod.

    Gagne hasn't been good since he got injured a couple of years ago. It makes you question is steroids/HGH links and if they were completly true or not. He looked horrible yesturday though.

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    far from it

    as for Gagne & Wood

    they wont be closers to much longer

    Marmol should be the closer for the Cubs

    as for Gagne he has been bouncing around from team to team and will be with a different team by the end of the season

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    I'd agree Gange is done. But this was Kerry Woods first regular season game in a while and it was opening day at wrigley field. of course they were nervous, but all will be well in chi town and cubs will win the division

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