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King of the Ring Tournament round 2?

Who wins the King of the Ring Tournament round 2?

Edge vs. Batista

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

Big Daddy V vs. Mark Henry vs. Umaga

Shelton Benjamin vs. Elijah Burke

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    Edge spears Batista for the pin. Then after Batista gets attacked by Edge & the Edgeheads.

    Rey Mysterio attempts a West Coast Pop but CM Punk catches him then hits the G.T.S for the 3 count.

    Umaga hits a Samoan Spike on Big Daddy V, then drops Mark Henry on top of him with a Samoan Drop, then Umaga climbs the top rope & hits a Superfly for the pin to his opponents.

    Elijah Burke attempts the Elijah Express but gets kicked in the head, as he stumbles Shelton Benjamin connects with the Pay Dirt for the pin.

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