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Which one should I consider denture or bridge?

I have 02 missing teeth in front. My dentist suggested to me to do a bridge as I am using a denture now. I need advice whether should I maintain my denture or doing a bridge is better. Does bridge need lots of attention to maintain? What is the advantage or disadvantage? Appreciate sincerely advice for my decision making.

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    It all depends on the condition of the remaining teeth and bone.I had the same problem and considered the denture to be only a short term option -you should get something permanent.A bridge requires the adjacent teeth to the space to be cut down and are difficult to clean-so what condition are they in?. If they are in near perfect condition the best option are dental implants.More expensive but eliminates damage to the teeth that a denture or a bridge can do.

    Source(s): Had a denture-hated it ,bridge failed,now have implants ...and love them !
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