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有無人睇過Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator?

有無人睇過Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator??

求Chapter 1-4的內容.


Chapter 1:Mr.Wonka Goes Too Far

Chapter 2:Space Hotel "U.S.A."

Chapter 3:The Link-Up

Chapter 4:The President

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    Plot summary

    The book continues directly from the events of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Willy Wonka has just given Charlie ownership of his factory, and in a flying contraption known as the Great Glass Elevator they crash through the roof of Charlie's house and inform his family of the good news.

    Charlie's grandparents -- George and Georgina on his mother's side, and Josephine on his father's (Grandpa Joe is already with Charlie in the Great Glass Elevator) -- are nervous about going inside the travelling elevator, and after twenty years in bed, refuse to get up. The bed is thus pushed into the elevator, which then takes off. At a critical moment during the return trip to the factory, a panicking Georgina grabs Wonka away from the controls and strands the elevator with its occupants in Earth's orbit. The elevator circles the planet until Wonka sees the chance to link it with the newly-launched Space Hotel, a private enterprise of the United States government.

    In the White House, President of the United States Lancelot R. Gilligrass and his Cabinet see this mysterious object dock with the Space Hotel and think it contains hostile agents of a foreign or extraterrestrial government. The approaching space shuttle containing the hotel staff and three astronauts is being left behind by the mysterious object as they race for the Space Hotel, and the shuttle's crew prepares for the worst. On the Hotel, Wonka and the others hear the President address them across a radio link as Martians, and Wonka proceeds to tease Gilligrass with nonsense words and grotesque poetry. But in the midst of this, the hotel's elevators open, revealing five gigantic, brown-green, boneless creatures shaped something like eggs with eyes. They change shape, each forming a letter of the word SCRAM, and Wonka motions everybody to get out of the Space Hotel quickly.

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