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(chem)咩係giant ionic structure?/咩係giant covalent structure?

(chem)咩係giant ionic structure?/咩係giant covalent structure?

electronic arrangement 2,8,8,2同2,8,6 既atom form左ionic compound之後係咪giant ionic structure?


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    Giant ionic structure is the structure that has strong ELECTROSTATIC ATTRACTION between the


    e.g) ALL ionic compounds

    Giant covalent structure is the structure that has strong COVALENT BONDS between the nuclei of the


    e.g) Diamond, quartz, SiO2

    Since ALL the ionic compounds are giant ionic structure, the compound that is formed by 2,8,8,2 and 2,8,6 atoms is giant ionic structure

    Structure of the compound is divided into 2 group:

    Giant Structure

    Example of giant structure: giant ionic structure, giant covalent structure, giant metallic structure

    Molecular Structure

    Example of molucular structure: simple molecular structure, macromolecules

    Since ionic compounds belong to the giant structure group, it is called giant ionic structure.

    Hope my ans can help u~

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