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希望有人能幫忙翻一下 謝謝

Mike: Hi, Amanda. I'm glad we decided to do something different this weekend. I haven't been bowling in ages!

Amanda: Same here. I'm really looking forward to it.

Mike: Amanda, admit it-you're a terrible bowler. You don't know how to aim properly.

Amanda: Hey that's not fair! You haven't even seen me play yet. At least I don't use a 14-pound bowling ball just to impress girls! Come on Mike, you can barely hold it. Why don't you try a light ball?

Mike: No, this one's fine. Just wait, I'll hit a turkey with this ball.

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    Mike: Hi, Amanda. 我好高興我們決定這週末要做一些不同於以往的事。我好久沒打過保齡球了。

    Amanda: 我也是。我真的很期待這件事。

    Mike: Amanda,你就承認吧!你保齡保打得很爛。你甚至無法瞄準球瓶。

    Amanda: hey 這不公平!你根本還沒看過我打保齡球。 至少我沒像某人用14磅的保齡球只為了要吸引女生的注目。拜託,Mike,你幾乎拿不起球來。你為什麼不試試輕一點的球?

    Mike: 我拿14磅的球沒問題。等著瞧,我將會用14磅的球打出連續三個全倒。

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