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請paraphrase~death penalty

我實在不怎麼會寫成paraphrase~想請問有人可以幫忙寫 好讓我參考看看!!! 謝謝指導

The pain, suffering, bitterness and the feeling of helplessness leave a never-healing mark on a victim's family. Years after some of my uncles and aunts were murdered, my father still harbors hatred in his heart, thinks of revenge and ruminates over how things could have been different. On the other hand, having a close relative in my own family who killed three elderly people in cold blood has shown me another side of the picture. Instead of a caricature of a "murderer" we can all hate and condemn with ease, I was forced to see the human face on the criminal and the crime. I have also learned that the pain and suffering are not limited to the victim's family. Not only did we feel humiliated and disgraced, my relative's parents lay awake nights wondering what went wrong and whether they could have raised their child differently.

I don't condone what my relatives did, and I don't ask for mercy for them. I have no sympathy for killers, and I support the harshest punishment for homicide. Nevertheless, I firmly oppose the death penalty.



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    A close relative dying of murder is a pain that can never be eased, but it's even harder for my family and relatives to recover from such a bitter experience since the murderer is another of our close relatives. We are not kind enough to forgive him, but we cannot simply hate him, either. After all, family bond makes us unable to take revenge on him. On the other hand, the murderer's parents have been suffering endlessly because of the terrible crime their son committed as well as the unknown mistake they themselves had made when they brought him up--what is it if there must have been something wrong?

    As for me, I don't have pity on a murderer, and I agree that he should pay for it. But death penalty is not a proper means of punishmentl, I believe.

    其實, paraphrase就是用自己的話把文章內容大致再介紹一遍,只要大意相符就好.通常用語都會比較簡單.上面這一小段算是個小小例子,供你參考~

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    文字本身已經很淺顯了, 你是要翻譯成中文嗎?

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