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英文 中翻英 請問以下的文章該如何翻譯 ? (語意通即可)





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    Since then, the pigs who rule the farm starts to take credits for the work of other animals, and they took all the milk and apples that are produced in the farm. When other animas start to show their anger, "Napoleon" would first debate, then slaugher the animal. At times, the bodies start to pile up, and the farm is in a bloodbath.

    As time goes on, Napoleon starts to communicate with farms that are managed by human. The rulers of Animal Farm completely forsaken the Elder's dogma, and changed three of the seven commendments. At the end, the rulers of the Farm start to wear human cloth, drink and play cards with the managers of the farms close by. The religion is betrayed, and the ideal is destroyed. The animals in the farm are once again, back to the state where they were slaved.

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    好像被移除了耶 ^^;

    Source(s): 對原文書的記憶
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    Since then, the management of pig farms in the group gradually from the occupation of other animals labor achievements, and Dutian farm produce milk and apples. When other animals exposed discontent, "Napoleon" to making phone calls to his sophistry publicity, to be followed by the killing of butchers cleansing, 1:00 bones piled up everywhere bloody dramas.

    Afterward, the "Napoleon" by the rule and the beginning of the neighbouring farms for her dealings. Animal Farm rulers completely betrayed the "elderly" of the left, they will be "seven commandment law" in the three commandments tampering, finally, the farm rulers are even wear the clothes, and with the neighbouring farmers who drink Liquor playing cards. Education efforts by the betrayal and ideals in a burst. Farm animals back to the past, the status of slavery.

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