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McCain's experience! Hillary's experience!! Have Americans had their fill of Washington "experience"?

Isn't political "experience" just another word for 'knowing how to play the game of politics in Washington... while accomplishing nothing' for America or Americans.

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    I agree with you completely. And I completely disagree with Brian. Bush did have Washington experience. He grew up with it. It was a part of his life. When he formed his cabinet and inner circle, he surrounded himself with it. And look at the results.

    And I am also sick of the comparisons to doctors without experience, or air line pilots without experience, or even the one about quarterbacks. Those are ridiculous.

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    Here is what experince means:

    Chelsea Clinton works for a hedge fund, whose founder is a big contributor to Hillary's campaign. They specialize in buying up foreclosed real estate and bankrupt companies, then sell at a profit.

    With this economy in such bad shape I don't know how Chelsea's firm can afford to be without her as she campaigns for her mother.

    As the economy tanks, the fortunes of the Clinton's grow and grow. The rich keep gettting richer.

    It's the perfect scam. Business conditions are so harsh that businesses are failing, stocks crashing and homeowners facing foreclosure. Behind all of this is Chelsea Clinton, rushing in to buy up the assets for pennies on the dollar at the bankruptcy sales. Then later, after a bail out, some tax breaks or regulatory relief from Mom, the assets rise in value and the rich get richer.

    How much has Hillary earned since she made $100,000 in pork bellies off a $1,000 investment? (remember Refco?)

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    Electability is one thing, capability is another. I don't think experience has mattered when it comes to the presidency. None of the great ones had much experience in Washington prior to their presidency but the way they handled themselves before showed alot about their potential. Washington for example, a great leader, one who led by example, he was mature and practical and tenacious.

    The president has to have leadership ability. GW should have been a giant red flag. He failed at everything he's ever done and this time he brought us all into his failure.

    In reality, I think Hillary and Obama both show strong leadership and it's going to be a hard pick. McCain is a leader too, I just think he's on the wrong side of the issues.

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    How about America's experience dealing with Washington?

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    Of course, your right, lets elect someone to run this country simply because they are Bi-Racial and have no experience.

    I know, next time you go for surgery, dont get the experienced doctor, find someone off the street to do it

    Next time you fly commercial air, dont get a Pilot, make sure its a Skateboarder behind the controls

    Even Better, have your payroll clerk at work replaced by a Hobo, I'm sure you'll get your correct pay, right?

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    Yes we should be tired of the old game. We need some new and better leaders, accountability, idealism, policies that work,and most of all integrity. I'm probably just dreaming though.

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    The funny part about this campaign is that the election of a president with limited experience means that he would have to rely on others to help him run the administration. The lobbyists are drooling over their increase in power.

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    Yes, it is. I don't want John McCain, he only plays for himself. As my senator, I can find anything that he's done for this state. It's all about him, always has been.

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    McCain= The twin of Bush.. McCain=Not another 4 years please McCain= Evil McCain= For the rich McCain= depression

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