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Is it true that the murdered, gay, choir director, Donald Young, at Obama's church knew Obama AND Sinclair?

The choir director, Donald Young, at his church was murdered and Sinclair passed a lie detector test about his "liaison" with Obama.

The gay choir director's name was Donald Young, remember it. What did he know and what was his truer relationship with Obama and his campaign? How did he know Sinclair?

You'll know the answer if Sinclair has proof of his phone conversations with Donald Young. If true, even if Young's murder was unrelated or is unprovable as being tied to the Obama campaign, it is rather damning to Obama. According to Sinclair the numbers he was contacted at had only been provided to the Obama campaign. Donald Young, someone unknown to him, contacted him out of the blue. Also, he hints that Young indicated his own "intimate" relationship with Obama as well. Murder, sex, homosexuality, drugs,'d think the media would be all over it. Have to believe it were any other candidate or politician the story would be all over the place.

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    A few words come to mind that I'm sure will offend the delicate sensiblities of the blind, idiot followers of Obama--here a two: HUGE COVERUP!!!!!

    Is anyone listening, does anyone care that someone who is running for the presidency attends a "church" that has such A LOT of problems.

    Where is the weak, hiding, incompetent, sold-out media on this one?

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    Yes. There's a story there. Initially I thought it was nonsense with Sinclair, but there is something to all this now that more names are coming out. Anyone see the movie Primary Colors? Where they are looking for dirt on a supposed clean candidate - and end up finding more dirt than they even imagined. Don't be shocked. If Clinton investigators don't release it on Obama, then the Republicans WILL.

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    Rush Limbaugh just sold me 39 unused Viagra pills! NO JOKE!

    Think he could be linked to Mark Foley, and by extension to Sen. Craig? OH NO! Cons will once again pervert Congress and rip off the American people.

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    You're right, you would think the media would be all over it....yet notice how they also fail to report on my violent gang rape at the hands of Mickey Mouse and Sponge Bob...HOW CONVENIENT!!!!!!!!!!

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    Please, get help.

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