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Which name for a baby girl would you choose?

I adore all of these names! Put them in order from what you like best to what you like least and tell me what you think of them! Thanks!































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    Alright. I graded them on a 1-5 with the exception of one name which got a zero.

    Elizabeth (5)- It's timeless and it can go as both a first and middle name.

    Lorraine (5)- I actually named a character this in one of my projects in high school. It's nice. I really like it.

    Kinleigh (4)- It's been growing on me.

    Kayden (4)- I like it. It's rather nice.

    Kaelyn (4)- It's a nice name actually.

    Rosa (4)- It's a classic. It's very nice and timeless.

    Nora (4)- It's quite nice.

    Ashley (3)- Way too common for my generation.

    Megan (3)- Not a big fan but it's better than some.

    Raine (3)- I like the name or should I say the word but I wouldn't name my child this.

    Lindsey (3)- It's a nice name but there are too many running around.

    Alicia (3)- It's nice. I like how this one is spelled but like I've said, there are too many!

    Skyler (3)- I like this name but the reason I gave it a 3 and not a 4 is because I prefer it on boys than on girls.

    Jessa (3)- It's okay. It's better than Jessica.

    Elaine (3)- It's a good name. I wouldn't name my daughter this but it'd be a nice middle name.

    Dahlia (3)- An okay name. I like it but it's not something I'd give my daughter. It's a name I like on other people's kids.

    Delancey (3)- If it's Dee-Lance- See than it's okay. It's nothing that'd be near my kids but I'd like it on someone else.

    Amber (2)- I'm just not a fan.

    Samantha (2)- I never understood what made this name so appealing. I don't get it.

    Kayla (2)- Not the best in the world but better than Charity.

    Casey (2)- I don't really like this for either a boy or a girl.

    Shae (1)- I don't like it. It seems tacky. Sorry to any Shaes out there.

    Amery (1)- I don't like this one either.

    Lauriel (1)- Doesn't do much for me.

    Aliesha (1)- I know someone whose name is spelled like this but I don't like it. Too much changing to make it 'unique'. It's the same name the spelling only makes it weird.

    S'Jara (1)- Shara? Poor thing will go through hell and back with this name.

    Hannah (1)- This name was never on my top. It makes my skin crawl just thinking of it.

    Reagan (1)- Seems more like a boys name than a girls.

    McKenzie (1)- So overused these days but I never really liked it. Too many ways of spelling it.

    Charity (0)- I don't want to even think of any poor Charitys running around. Oh how they will be picked!

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    I like:

    1. Raine

    2. Skyler

    3. Hannah

    4. Aliesha

    5. Delancey

    6. Amber

    7. McKenzie

    8. Kayla

    9. Lorraine

    10. Casey

    11. Elizabeth

    12. Charity

    13. Elaine

    14. Nora

    15. Jessa

    16. Ashley

    17. Reagan

    18. Amery

    19. Megan

    20. Alicia

    21. Lauriel

    22. Kayden

    23. Kaelyn

    24. Samantha

    25. Kinleigh

    26. Rosa

    27. Dahlia

    28. S'Jara

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    Kinleigh, Nora, Delancey, Kaelyn, Reagan, Hannah, Aliesha, Kaydyn, Amery, McKenzie, Rosa, Megan, Elizabeth, Samantha, Ashley, Lindsey, Kayla, Alicia, Jessa, Casey, Amber, Lauriel, Dahlia, Lorraine (you could use Raine as a nickname), Raine, Elaine, Charity, Shae, Skyler, S'Jara

    Personally, that's best to worst for me. I really like Kinleigh and Nora. I don't know how to pronounce S'Jara, and I'm guessing she would run into frustrations with that, but I could be wrong.

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    Kaydyn and Skylar are both VERY popular right now. If those were chosen there would probably be a few others with the same name in the same age group.

    I like Nora, Shae and Kinleigh.

    Looking at some of your chosen names, you might also like: Delaney, Shayla, Shasta, Kyla, Kimber. Not sure, but thought I would throw them out there. Good luck!

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    I like the names Shae, Elizabeth, and Casey (Kasey). I have a cousin named Shandon, which is similar to Shae. A similar sounding name to Alicia is Anyssa (or Anisah). I was going to name my first daughter Anyssa, but didn't and wish I had sometimes. My girls are Sylvia, Katrina, and Gabrielle.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Rosa, Kaelyn, Lorraine, Elaine

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Delacey or Delancey

    2. Kinleigh or Kinsleigh

    3. Dahlia or Delila

    4. Kayden or Kaelyn

    5. McKenzie or McKell

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    Instead of writing them in order I decided to rate them out of 10:

    Ashley-Very pretty and even though it is common is becoming less so, perhaps you could spell it Ashleigh or Ashlee? 8/10

    Amber-Beautiful name 9/10

    Kinleigh-Don't like it 3/10

    Shae-Dont like the sound or spelling of it 2/10

    Kaydyn-Quite pretty but sounds a bit too boyish, Maybe try Kaylyn? 6/10

    Rosa-It's just average, a bit too old for a child as well 5/10

    Amery-Don't personally like it 4/10

    Megan-Don't really like it, a bit too common for me 6/10

    Kaelyn-Like it quite alot 7/10

    Elizabeth-Very pretty and a good old classic name 8/10

    Nora-Too old for a child 3/10

    Raine-Doesn't sound very pretty or unique just sounds a bit stupid 2/10

    Lorraine-Not my most favourite name, but not my least favourite either 6/10

    Lauriel-Don't like it, maybe you could try Laura or Laurelle which I think is pretty 3/10

    Lindsey-Don't like it 1/10

    Alicia-Alright, but it depends how you pronounce it. if it is pronounced A-Lee-C-A it is pretty but I don't like it otherwise 6/10

    Aliesha-Alright, but I don't really like the spelling 5/10

    Skyler-Not my kind of name 5/10

    Samantha-Pretty, but a bit overused 7/10

    S'Jara-Kinda weird 2/10

    Jessa-Sounds mispronounced like its supposed to be Jesse 1/10

    Hannah-Really cool name, like the fact that it spells the same backwards 8.5/10

    Reagan-Too boyish 4/10

    Charity-Sounds like you're a charity case, although it is a pretty name 6/10

    Kayla-Very pretty, my favourite out of this list 10/10

    Casey-Too much like a boys name 5/10

    McKenzie-Boyish 4/10

    Elaine-Pretty, but more a middle name 7/10

    Dahlia-Reminds me of flowers too much 2/10

    Delancey-Delaney would be alright but Delancey is a bit weird, I suppose it is nice and unique 7/10

    I would just pick the one that you like best. It is your baby after all.

    Hope I helped =]

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    love : dahlia , hannah , mackenzie , charity ( in no specific order )

    like: elaine jessa lindsey amery ( depending on the spelling) reagan ashley megan elizabeth shae casey kayla alicia

    hate : all the rest

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like




    and Hannah

    in that order,

    don't care for any of the others...

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