Anyone here work for the U.S. Postal Service?

i'm thinking about applying for a U.S. postal service. i've been doing some research regarding the various postal exams.

any advice/suggestions?

i've bought two study guides; one is called "complete postal exam 473 & 473-C Training Program" and the other "Norman Hall's Postal Exam Preparation Book" includes " all major exams".

i just feel kinda overwhelmed. do i take the 473 because the majority of postal jobs require this test? or do i take the 460? or should i take both? what jobs are you eligible when you take the 473? what jobs are you eligible when you take the 460? in the study guides the practice test all looked the same.

Update: one is going to understand this

but okay there's the city carrier which requires the 473 and the rural carrier associate which requires 460...looks like the city carrier has less responsibility?

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    I would take both tests. Your name goes onto a register that is used to hire new employees from. It stays on for 2 years, but you can file to extend it for 3 years.

    I think the city carrier job is the better job. The union is stronger, so better benefits. Also, you use a postal vehicle, not your own. Not sure about pay, but there is more OT in city carrier craft.

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    Well my dad works for the USPS. He didnt even study though when he took the exam. It was a few months after I was born and he needed to start making more money and started applying for random jobs. He just showed up, took the test and passed! Still works there today. And by the way you can always change your position as you are an employee. He has worked in the actual post office, mail carrier and as a parcel carrier.

    Good Luck!

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    It depends on what is being offered in your city. Some big cities need city carriers and if you are in a country area they need rural carriers. I took both tests they are pretty much the same the city one is more intense. I would take both most city carrier jobs are scarce these days they need more rural carriers.

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    I would call the post office near you and ask them. but if I had to guess... read the 460, because you live in a very busy city.

    Source(s): and don't worry! you'll do great babe.
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    the only thing i can suggest is getting another job

    Source(s): sorry i couldn't help =[
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