travel to a new land. africa?

i want to travel to africa. where are good place to go. i don't want to go where its touristy. i want to get to know the people and animals. what about living in africa. what do i need to get use to and what do i need? any other information? please and thank you.


i know africa isn't a country. i know its a continent. i read books but i want personal expriences from other travelers. i don't want to stay in one place in a year. i want to explore.

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    I am partly copying my answer to 'ItsMe2008' - 'Self drive Namibia & Kruger National Park Safaris'

    It surely depends on what you are interested at. I would suggest (in order) Namibia, Egypt and South Africa.

    Namibia - a beautiful country - will take you on a virtual tour - and if you visited once, you would want to go again.

    Egypt - the ancient world

    South Africa - a world in one country


    The land is streched out and very beautiful. Do go to Luderitz in the south - coastal town. Near Luderitz you will find the ghost town of Kolmanskop - partly covered by desert sand. There is also Elisabeth Bay and another one - cannot remember the name - althought the latter two is only accessable with a tour group and with special permits. I would suggest that you look at the Namibian tourist website for requirements.

    Go back by the main road on the road to the north - at Grunau you go a little bit to the south to the Fishriver Canyon. Claimed to be the second largest canyon in the world - stand to be corrected.... A few kilometers from the canyon is Ais-Ais - a warm water spa. Ais-Ais is not open all year around because of the heat. If you are in hiking, try to do the Fishriver hike - starting at the viewpoint to Ais-Ais. This is a 5 day hike and you need a doctor's serificate for fitness. Do not try this one if it is your first. The hiking trail is only open during part of the autumn and winter months - you can find the information on the Namibian tourist website. The first day is purely to get down the slopes into the canyon before you follow the river to Ais-Ais.

    A little bit to the north in the desert is Sososvlei with some of the world's biggest dunes (Big Daddy). You can book a guide at the game park next to the Sososvlei Lodge to take you there for a 'sundowner'. You will be able to chose between staying in a luxury lodge, or a game park - cannot remember if it is only for camping or if there is some bungalos as well.

    If you go to the central you will get Windhoek, the capital city - skip it if you like, but there is a lot to see. Old german style buildings.

    If you go to the north from Windhoek, you turn to the west at Okahanja, towards the coast and the town of Swakopmund - very German. Swakopmund has grown a bit the past years, but they kept the original building styles (German) and was done really nicely. Walvisbay is next to Swakopmund, but do not have a lot to see and do.

    Inbetween the two is Langstrand village - where Angelina Jolie stayed when her baby daughter was born.

    On the way to Swakopmund you will find the famous Spitskoppies on the right - you have to leave the main road to go there. This is a full day's picknick.

    Some where to the north is the Brandberg where the famous 'Wit Vrou' (white woman) drawing is to be found in the cave(s) done by Boesmans (native people of Namibia). If you travel north from Okahanja through Tsumeb towards Ovamboland (Oshakati and Ondangua) you pass the lakes of Otjikoto and Guinas (the Guinas cannot be reached from the mainroad - as far as I know, it is on private property).

    These two are fed by the same onderground river. The waterlevel is lower that ground level and the depth of the lakes could not yet been established - I stand to be corrected. Toward the north you will get the Etosha Pans. The national park of Namibia - here are 3 camps where you can stay. Towards the north you get to Ovamboland where Oshakati and Ondungwa (and Onquediva) is. This area reminds me of Botswana, the same kind of landscape. At the Northern Border between Angola and Namiba - (would refer you to Angola as well - very beautiful country we visited yearly when I was a child, but I am not sure about the current political climate there - still a lot of landmines in the country since the war in the 70's.) - Ok again the border - the Ruacana waterfalls is something worth visiting as well as the Pupa falls - never visited them myself, but saw a lot of postcards. The river in which the waterfalls is in, forms the northwestern border of the country. Towards the east you can go to the Caprivi - the Okavango delta is there. Again never visited it. You can visit the 'Kus van die Dood' - directly translated - coast of the death. This is desert and as far as I know you need a permit for that. By the way - most of the coastal areas is diamant area and has restricted entrance.

    I took you now on a virtual tour from the south to the west and north - there are many other places of interest that I may not know about. VERY IMPORTANT - A number of the places I have mentioned is only accessable by 4x4 vehicles - please ensure that you do have the right equipment for what you want to do.


    I never visited Egypt, but always wanted to go. My mom once visited with my sister-in-law and she loved it. So maybe this is my second choise because I REALLY want to go myself.

    South Africa

    The Cape (my favourite) is a beautiful part of SA - but the water is too cold for sunbathing. The wine routes is a must. Go to the Paarl onto the Paarlberg - a HUGE cliff - where the town got it's name from - Paarl meaning pearl. Table Mountain is a must as well. Kimberley has the big hole where diamants were mined years ago - by the way Kimberley was the first town in SA with electricity.

    Mpumalanga - with its mountains and valleys. - look a lot like Angola (world in one country) The Kalahari - south of Namibia. Kwazulu Natal - water at the coast is warm for swimming. Free State - flat. The Drakensberg area - lot of hiking trails as well and beautiful landscape.

    OK the next question would be - what about safety? Be aware in South Africa. Don't go out alone at night. Be aware where your belongings are at all times. And make sure that you stay in safe areas.

    Hope you enjoy your trip to Africa.

    Source(s): Was born in Namibia - grew up in the north - and moved to South Africa when I was 18.
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    Most Westerns do like being in Egypt, Morocco or Tunisia ( North Africa and on the Mediterranean ) . The reason is you have the good of two worlds, you can meet people who are interesting and different, go to visit historical places and it is Western friendly and reasonably safe.

    You said you don't want a touristy place.. you want to get to know the people!! That can be done in any country regardless of how touristy it is. All you need to do is choose to live in the country side of smaller cities.

    Be careful when choosing in Africa, as you know, it is extremely unstable continent, politics-wise. Stay away from Central Africa.. too much problems going there. Stick to South Africa, Western cost or North Africa ( except for Algeria and Mauritania.. at the moment they are not so friendly for the west either. )

    I am a native African.

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    Well, if you don't really want to go to the tourist areas, but you want to find out about animals, why not research some of the camps on the reserves? Satao Camp in Tsavo East for example?

    You may find you will need to update your vaccinations, such as Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis...and of course, you will need malaria tablets too. Your local pharmacy should be able to give you all the up to date information you need about this.

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    Turkey is maximum actual no longer marvelous next to Africa. You fail geography perpetually. As for something of your question, it jogs my memory of a riddle I heard as quickly as. A airplane crashes on the border of u . s . of america and Canada. the place do they bury the survivors? The fossils Darwin stated got here from the flood, no longer the flood survivors. to confirm that a fossil to kind, an organism could be buried right this moment and thoroughly, ideally alive. there is not any longer something suggesting that any of Noah's passengers suffered one among those destiny, and despite in the event that they had, it in all probability does no longer have been in Africa.

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    africa is not a country, it's like america. it has many countrys inside it. each one offers somethink diffrent, and some are quite modern, not all are poor and like a jungle. you should get a travel guide or somethink and have a read through, or some travel brouchours, there usually free at travel agents, and then you can get some sort of idea of what the diffrent countries are like in africa.

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    I would recommend Kenya, Zambia, Botswana or Namibia.

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    sri lanka

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