wat is "im sorry" in japanese and korean?

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    Gomen = sorry

    Gomennasai = sorry in polite way

    Sumimasen = More polite


    Mian = sorry

    Mianhe = I'm sorry

    jwesongheyo/jwesonghamnida = polite/very polite

    shillehamnida = Excuse in polite way

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    Say Sorry In Japanese

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    What is wrong with your sentence? Don't usually comment but is adding the "h" that hard.

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    In Japanese you can say one of two things:




    Sumimasen is more of an excuse me and gomenasai is more of an actual apology.

    In korean it would be:


    Source(s): Japanese Minor/Some Korean
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    This will be in Japanese

    sumimasen,すみません = excuse me

    if you put "doumo" in front of すみません would be more apologetic.

    gomenasai, ごめんなさい = I apologize (polite way)

    gomen, ごめん = I'm sorry (use this more with friends)

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    Let me add some more details in Korean "I am sorry".

    There are two ways of saying "I am sorry" in Korean.

    미안합니다. (Mi-an-hap-ni-da)

    죄송합니다. (Jo-eh-song-hap-ni-da)

    I personally think the second one sounds a little more polite.

    But both are polite, formal expression.

    When you want to say, "Excuse me"

    실례합니다. (Shil-ley-hap-ni-da)

    is the most common way of saying it.

    Source(s): My mother's Korean.
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