How come the colonists didn't mix with the natives in the American colonies?

The Spaniards took the native women as wives in Mexico and much of South America and created a huge mestizo or mixed race class. Why didn't the British colonists do the same in the American colonies?

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    The English, and American colonists, were very racist at that time. It carried on for quite some time and you can even see it continuing in some scientific circles. Early anthropologists just assumed that man came from Europe since it was the 'most civilized', meaning it must have the oldest and longest history. They got really miffed when the oldest human skeletons were found in Africa.That's what the Piltdown man fiasco was all about. They were so desperate for a European human origin they ate the hoax up and didn't scrutinize it very hard.

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    you can not tell by appearances. most americans do NOT have any native blood although many say they do. The proof is that they simply can not prove it and only go by family stories...even making stories about why they can't prove it. you must trace your geneology. and even if you do find a distant native ancestor, that does not make you an american indian. to claim that you must be enrolled in a federally recognized tribe. there are just under 2 million of us in the usa and yet at least 10 million non natives are claiming native blood. sorry it just doesn't add up.

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    First of all they DID take native wives. In fact by 1837 there was so much intermarriage in the Cherokee Tribe that the Chief of the Tribe was only 1/8 Cherokee by blood quantum. Anyone that tells you that the English, Irish, Scottish etc etc didn't intermarry with Native Americans doesn't know what they are talking about. Many men would have 2 families, one back in town and a native one out in the "wilderness". And often times had children by both women.

    Source(s): enrolled tribal member
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    Because they saw the natives as barely human. Closer to apes than man.

    They were racist and class conscious.

    Not all of them, but most.

    Pocahontas married a British man.

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    What they did intermingle not all of us are pure100 per cent !!!Mine came on English side 1640 and intermarried or I and a lot wouldn't have survived, even a full blood has interracial blood somewhere if not BLACK ,MEX ,SPANISH ENGLISH FRENCH CHINESE is in all Native BLOOD !!!PLUS their is one we don't give and honor is the one who opposed the gov. and started gambling on the reservations today Why do we have two names great grandma had one grandma had giving one could pronounce native one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Who I Personally know in my home state who should be in our history books today!!!! If I'm lying I'm dieing, Love and respect( F. D.)!!!

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    bcos we as Indians were seen as animals or savages..

    Source(s): we still are today...ecept those posing as fake indians.
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