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What are law school classes like?

Do you just listen to lectures and write papers or is there a lot of public speaking? I have horrible public speaking anxiety but I will go to law school :/

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    Class, for your first year anyway, is about 100 people in each one, except your research and writing class that has about 20-30. For the traditional law school classes, ie property, torts, civ pro, contracts, you read anywhere from 25 to 50 pages for each class. The reading is a bunch of cases that teach you about a rule of law.

    When class begins the professor will usually do a brief recap from the last class then begin discussing that days material. To do this they will call on a random student, a lot of times they require you to have a name tag with your last name in front of you. They will say, "Mr. Smith, tell me the facts of blank v. blank." They continue asking questions and then call on another student. For each class in a semester you will probably get called on 4-8 times.

    Also I see you mention writing papers, this is really only going to take place in your research and writing class as most traditional law school classes are graded on one exam at the end of the semester.

    Good luck, and if you are going to be an attorney you will have to begin to get over your fear of public speaking.

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