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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

who is the cast of twilight?

look on this website, it will tell u everything about the cast, like wat they have played in before and stuff like that:


also for more info u can go to this website

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This is probably the closest thing you can come to an official cast list for "Twilight":

    Kristin Stewart - Bella Swan

    Robert Pattinson - Edward Cullen

    Taylor Lautner - Jacob Black

    Cam Gigandet - James

    Rachelle Lefevre - Victoria

    Edi Mue Gathegi - Laurent

    Peter Facinelli - Carlisle Cullen

    Nikki Reed - Rosalie Hale

    Elizabeth Reaser - Esme Cullen

    Jackson Rathbone - Jasper Hale

    Ashely Greene - Alice Cullen

    Kellan Lutz - Emmett Cullen

    Bill Burke - Charlie Swan

    Sarah Clarke - Renee Dwyer (Bella's Mom)

    Anna Kendrick - Jessica Stanley

    Christian Serratos - Angela Weber

    Justin Chon - Eric Yorkie

    Michael Welch - Mike Newton

    Gregory Tyree Boyce - Tyler Crawley

    Solomon Trimble - Sam Uley

    Gil Birmingham - Billy Black

    this is more complete than the one on imdb

  • 5 years ago

    Why might i opt to fulfill the Twilight solid? It is composed of a team of pompous young human beings whom i might have not any opt to fulfill. Harry Potter, on the different hand, has many super actors in it. Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, Sir Michael Gambon, Robbie Coltrane, and extra. in addition to, by using fact of followers such as you, i do no longer opt to circulate alongside with Twilight in any respect. Why in the international might you're saying Harry Potter is "short and gay"? i do no longer assume you haven't any longer any theory that your words would nicely be perceived as offense? and that they are somewhat. an user-friendly "i might incredibly meet the Twilight solid" might have sufficed. Sorry for the rant, yet good grief, you human beings irk me. i would be receiving some thumbs-down for this, little question.

  • 1 decade ago

    OOOOOO! gosh i am sooooo excited about this movie! the best way to find info about the cast is the stephenie meyer the top you click "movie" and it will give you all the new info...including the cast,and some pretty awesome pics too!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That isn't the full list, hun. You need better sources.

    Sorry you don't know the full cast. The full cast rocks, except Laurent, Rosalie, and Jasper.

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  • 1 decade ago

    imdb isnt always reliable.

    Anyone like you or I can edit that site.

    Once, for Spider-man 3, they put that Aunt May was going to be Carnage!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Robert Pattinson ♥ i think he is ideal for edward, so handsom!

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