Some people define evil as causing harm. What harm does the "sins" in Christianity cause?

Most of the "sins" in Christianity cause no harm. If they cause no harm, how can they be evil? If they are not evil, why are they called "sins"?


Naturally everybody coming and going starts listing crimes rather than the "sins" others are so often condemned for.

Update 2:

Ellory: You've got a pretty good start. Unfortunately, none of the 'believers' will bother to think it through.

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    Michael and the others are stating the obvious. Murder is a sin. DUHHHH!

    What Enigma is talking about may not be EXACTLY this but this is an example I got from when I was about 10. Masturbation according to the Catholics is a sin, even though it is a NATURAL thing that is necessary for good health. Masturbation does NO HARM to anyone. And yet it is a sin? It's not even against the law .. as far as I know as of yesterday :-).

    Eating meat on Friday was always a sin when I was a kid ... not sure if it is now since I left those (&*(^&^% people about 40 years ago. Far as I know it has never been against the law ... but it is against God's law? According to the Catholics.

    Not going to confession before receiving holy communion is a sin ... but is it harmful? NOT!

    Michael the Christian Freak ... THIS IS WHAT ENIGMA is talking about ... I hope! Not murder, rape, and theft. You are going WAY beyond the scope to prove your ignorance and it's not necessary. Your moniker says it all. No offense ... I love you all dearly but sometimes you really push the envelope of reality and many of the people on Y/A just need a good spanking.

    No offense meant to you but YOU truly DO offend me, but I can take it and it's all good. I expect that and more from this planet. Can't wait to go home and yes, I know you are ALL praying that I make it in record time. :-) I love you too.


    Peace y'all

    Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

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    Sin? In Exodus 20:17 God commands that we must not covet our neighbor's slaves, nor anything else that belongs to him. What God did NOT command here is for all of these servants to be given their freedom. So sometimes God has some funny rules, and they don't always seem to coincide directly with what we consider to be the highest possible morality.

    But if we return to your question, and remove all of trimmings, you ask, "What harm does the 'sins' in Christianity cause?"

    Oh they have great potential to do harm! Murder is pretty bad, sure. But what about other sins?

    Exodus is awesome for sins.

    22:18 Says kill all the witches. Eeek. This commandment could have really caused some trouble if anyone bothered to read it. Oh they did? Oh hell.

    22:19 Is better. Sexually abuse animals? Death penalty! See, there's good stuff in the bible!

    22:25 Says don't charge interest when lending money. LOL! Who does God think he's talking to?

    23:13 Says don't even MENTION the names of other gods. So comparitive religious studies seem to be right out.

    Wow on second thought, this whole sin thing seems a little odd to me.

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    Marilyn, sins do not cause you any harm, if you are induced with guilt, then it is a psychological fear of sinning that would lead you to believe they could or would harm you. The 7 deadly sins are a perfect example of natural behavior that would be "committed" and go unnoticed unless you are indoctrinated with the Christian notion of "sin."

    Pre-marital sex is completely natural and legal within age of consent without a marriage license. Contraception and a good sexual education would prevent STDs. And single parenthood does not cause low self esteem, although a religious person inforcing The Bible and sin on them can.

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    I'm not certain what you're referring to as "sins" in Christianity.

    So I'm guessing here as to how to answer you....

    If you are referring to sins in Christianity as the issues that are addressed by the authors of the epistles in the New Testament....

    A sin is a sin is a sin. Who commits the sin is immaterial. Romans 3:23

    God is a holy God, a pure God, a righteous God who cannot even look on sin. In His eyes every sin is equal from the "little white lie" to murder, it's all the same to Him. To us yes murder is worse because someone died but if you read Matthew 5 - 7 and read Jesus' definitions of some sins that are committed it is not even the action but the mere dwelling on the idea of sin that is a sin.

    Sin always causes harm both to the person who committed the sin and to those who know and love that person. The Christians who sin (and we all do, after all we're not perfect) is a poor example to those who are not Christians but are watching the people they know who are Christians.

    Someone is always hurt because of sin.

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    I'm not Christian and my immediate response is to agree with your idea but are you defining harm only as immediate physical injury?

    Can you state what you mean by sins in Christianity a little more clearly? Do you mean the seven deadly sins specifically or just things that fundamentalists of any religion like to yell about, like homosexuality or women not being just fleshy incubators?

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    A sin is anything that is opposition to God's laws. If you believe that your behavior is always taking a stand either for GOOD or against right, then your choices and their consequences are either for good or not for good - not necessarily evil.

    Basically the way I see it - there is no 'fence sitting' with God. You are either progressing towards Him or you are digressing away from Him. That's often why christianity often appears to the on-looker as being so Black & White. No man can serve two masters - the bible tells us. And I believe that to be so. Light & Darkness, Black & White, one side of the line or the other. That would be the ultimate in hypocracy if we were attempting to walk both sides of this 'line' - wouldn't it? Just because something doesn't APPEAR to do harm - doesn't mean it doesn't have eternal consequences either for ourselves, others, our spirits, our future, future generations etc - the list is endless of how & in what way our choices affect others & other things. Those consequences are most often what determines the degree something is or is not sinful.

    There is a story I like about a man looking to hire a stage-coach driver. Great drivers came to try out for the job on a windey, dangerous, cliff ridden mountain road. Most would drive as fast and hard and as CLOSE to the edge of the cliffs as they could to try & impress the owner. In short he ended up hiring the driver who drove as far AWAY from the cliffs edge as he possibly could. We likewise should try to live like this safe man - keeping as far AWAY from the cliffs that Satan puts in front of us where in lies safety and a life as far from sin as possible..... Our children at church sing this really great little song who's words I really like...and the older & wiser I get the more I understand their significance - it goes like this "Keep the commandments - in this there is safety & peace."

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    Let's look deeper into this. Sins are not Adultery, fornication, not keeping the Sabbath, drinking, cursing- those are results of sins, and yes they hurt people in the long run, or the short. That's how Satan(or for less religious folks, Negative energy) creeps in. I've read true stories in my counseling books about couples who separated because the man wanted to watch porn, well, he eventually left his wife for a redhead that looked like the girl in the video! A person who never takes care of their child is not a sin, but God will punish those who don't take care of responsibilities. It's called Jail Time. Oh, and suicide--especially those people who killed folk and tuned the gun on themselves, its sad to realize where they are going. God handles people's souls that kill. If in your heart, you feel no regrets, remorse after doing things that are unholy then that means your heart is hardened. I know from experience.

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    "Sin" in the Christian sense is an offence against God.

    But I don't agree that Christian sins do not harm people.

    For example:

    Killing people is harming them.

    Stealing harms the people who loose their property

    Adultery harms the person cheated on.

    Lying harms the people lied to.

    I think you will find that any law of God does in fact harm the victim and/or the offender in some way. God's laws were made for man, not God.

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    When you commit to doing sinful acts, you disrespect the Lord and therefore have done an evil thing. Ideas that challenge the good are evil. It is evil to do ill things to your is a sin to smoke because you are disrespecting the body the Lord has given you.

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    They are evil simply because they break gods laws. All sins cause harm in one way or another. Without sin, we would live in a perfect world.

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