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Huma Abedin - Hillarys tie to terrorism... Democratic Islamist Pary of America?

Everyone is familiar with Obama's Muslim ties:

Why is no one paying attention to Hillary's the Muslim Community and direct and indirect ties to Terror...

It is through her aide Huma Abedin

It is curious that her aide makes between $9,999.96 and $28,000.00 and owns an apartment worth $679,000.00

Democrats, the new Islamic party

People, we SERIOUSLY need a house cleaning in our government...

Both parties and on all levels of our elected officials.

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    You are darn right we need a house cleaning!

    The democratic party was taken over by hardline socialsts in the 1990s after years of concentrated funding from the Soviet Union and China. It is the mantle of Socialism to gain control of a government by spreading hate and discord.

    The only way this can be accomplished is that the people are led to believe they are in dire straits. Therefore, democrats are fully invested in what is wrong with American life, and totally devoted to creating distress and division among it's people.

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    So what if Hilary has a Muslim community?

    I mean seriously go and educate yourself.

    Its really pathetic how you and others see all Muslims as terroists. Just because Al-Qaeda 'claims' they are Muslim doesn't mean the billion Muslims out there are terroists. Timothy McVeigh was a terroist but no one sees people with his religion and/or race as terroists. So stop being racsit. The reason why the Democractic canidates might have ties to the Muslim community is because most Muslims in America are democrats.

    Everyone in this country is entitled to vote and whoever wants to can. THE GOVERNMENT STANDS FOR ALL PEOPLE OF THE U.S. ...and you say the government needs cleaning from Muslims?

    Your rascit if thats what you think.

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    You guys are sooooooo funny! Your candidate has such strong muslim ties, so you have to show the candidate who will beat him doing the same thing!! Get real, will you??

    We know Hillary is no saint, yet we will vote for her before an inexperienced youngster who actually has islamic & racist ties, or an older gent, who likes war a bit too much.

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    which would be why Hils caught to bill, to feather her own political nest with a view to talk and she or he probably gave Huma some sturdy suggestion on pretending to suck up the drama and "stand by skill of her guy" jointly as certainly waiting for the right time to realize her political objective and then shuck him off.

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    You are getting your candidates mixed up. Obama is the Muslim. Hillary is the communist. She has far more communist ties than Islamic. Her call is for a communist revolution and to bring communism back to power. It all starts with her health care plan and garnishing wages.

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    1 decade ago

    This is just another lie coming from Obama because he can see he will lose to Hillary.

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    What a load of Crap.

    Hillary will restore the USA to Peace and Prosperity. She may not be a rocks star but I like my rock stars to be musicians and my Presidents to do what they say they will do, and Hillary does that!

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    what's with all these GROUNDLESS muslim ties...none of the democratic candidates (orbama or hillary) have these so-called ties you guys are trying to make...this is just a republican ploy to prey on the ignorance of voters! get real!

    obama 08

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    I had no idea that wearing tin foil hats could make you as crazy as this question.

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