starting 12 month old on milk. what kind?

i will be taking my daughter off of formula soon. she just turned one this weekend. i will be starting her on milk. my question is... does it have to be whole milk? or can it be 2% or 1%? i've heard different things and am not sure. and also....when first making the transition to regular milk, do you give it to them in a bottle, or in a sippy cup?

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    whole milk is best, you can give it to them in whatever works for you, some of mine took sippys, some did bottles, some just went straight to a cup, it just varies between kids!

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    Try whole milk first - you can go to 2 % without much of an issue though. By 1 year, I have already gotten rid of the bottles, so I use sippy cups, but that is up to you, no big thing . But you can use soy milk or any of the organics too .

    Best of luck !

    Source(s): Mom of a 6 yo, 3.5 yo and 5 month old twins
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    You use whole until the toddler is 2, when you move to 2%.

    Try it in a sippy cup, and if it's tough, give it in a bottle and make the transition to the sippy cup.

    Also, your child will need 2-4 cups of milk a day, and a good way to keep track is to buy a Mason jar from the store and fill it up each day. It's a good way to tell if your daughter has had enough milk for the day.

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    Children should be drinking whole milk until they are 2 years old. If she's still drinking her formula from a bottle, I would continue to give her milk from a bottle as well. No need to make two changes at once. You might want to stick with organic milk. There are a lot of hormones and antibiotics in regular milk.

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    I am pretty sure that you're supposed to give her whole milk. I would try the sippy cup as long as she's already been introduced to her. If she's never encountered a sippy cup, then I would introduce the milk in her bottle first.

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    Whole milk. Some babies have a tough time transitioning to milk from formula.

    I started mixing 1/4 milk.3/4 formula to start, then went down to half and half and so on until she was drinking just milk.

    My daughter was off the bottle right around her first birthday...I just gave her the milk in a sippy and she did just fine.

    Also, if your daughter isn't liking whole milk, try an organic brand. For some reason, it is a bit sweeter and smoother, and new milk drinkers seem to like it better.

    Good luck!

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    Whole milk is absolutely best until age 2 or 3. The fat is where most of the nutrients are contained, and babies actually need the fat.

    Try it in a cup first, as she should be off of bottles by her first birthday. And, don't just give her straight milk to start with. Ease her onto it; it's not uncommon for babies to have some problems with their bowels (constipation or diarrhea) when suddenly given straight milk.

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    Whole milk is best because they need all that extra fat. You can also use rice milk, soy milk, or almond milk if you're against using cow's milk (some people are!). If you've tried giving her a sippy before, try it in the sippy and see if she will take to it. Some babies are so used to milk and formula in the bottle that they will refuse it from a cup.

    Also, please talk to your pediatrician if you have further questions...he or she should have been guiding you through this important process.

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    Whole milk is the best for them, but I gave my son 2% because the dr said it was fine for him because he weighed quite a bit at 1 and he said he got all the nutrients he needed in his formula. They recommend whole but if you give him 1% or 2% it doesnt hurt them, it just has less fat in it. You can give it to them in either a sippy cup or a bottle, i did sippy cup because I was wanting to break him away from the bottle, but its whatever you want to do.

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    Whole milk until they turn 2 and then you can start giving them whatever you drink. They need the extra fat and vitamins for brain development. Also, you can give you child cheese and yogurt to ensure they are getting enough dairy. I gave milk to my daughter in a bottle because she was breastfed but I should have started her on the sippy cup because taking the bottle away was hard.

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    try whole milk first, after she gets used to it, or maybe when she turns 2 change it to 2%. start her on the sippy cup , that way she can leave the bottle sooner. i have 2 daughters and i started them with whole milk, then when they were almost 2 i switched to 2% . (ofcourse you should always ask her doc. first.)what ever is best 4 her.

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