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Why is it so bad to take hot baths? What can it do to the baby?

I take a very warm bath every morning. I try to only stay in there for about 10-15 minutes. My baby is fine so far.


22 weeks with baby #1

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    According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, pregnant women should never let their core body temperature rise higher than 102°. This recommendation rules out the use of hot tubs, Jacuzzis and saunas during pregnancy, but allows for warm baths as long as the water is not scalding. One reason that a soak in the tub is considered safe is because the top half of your body is not usually immersed in the water, making it much more unlikely that you will overheat. Another reason that baths are given the green light is that the water begins a gradual cool-down almost as soon as the tub is filled. So forget the hot tubs, but enjoy a relaxing evening in your tub as often as you like.

    While most women in normal pregnancies can enjoy a warm bath as often as they`d like, there are some instances where bathing is not recommended. If you have a urinary tract infection, it is best to opt for showers instead of baths until the infection is cleared up. Once your water has broken, it is never a good idea to get into a bathtub until after delivery. You must also use care not to let your body overheat in the tub by avoiding very long, very hot baths, and taking yourself out of the water if you begin to feel extremely warm. If you are still concerned about the safety of baths during pregnancy, you can talk to your doctor about your concerns.

    Pregnancy takes its toll on your body during those nine months, so give your body and mind the break they need by indulging in a luxurious bath. Once that baby comes, your time for leisurely soaks will be minimal at best. Relax while you still can!

    test the water with your elbow, and make sure its not scalding hat, luke warm or maybe a little bit warmer. as long as the water temperature isn't over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have to ease your foot into the tub, it's too hot. If you're comfortable getting into the water, the temperature is close to your own body temperature, which is where you want it. Anything hotter can damage your baby's developing cells, and though you can cool off by sweating, your baby can't. It's also fine to use bath oils or bubble bath — your cervix is closed, so there's no danger of these products reaching your baby.

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    Alot of doctors tell you Not to submerge your body in Hot Water cause it is harmful to the baby. Thats why almost every public hot tub has a sign saying Pregnant Women are not allowed in. I LOVED to have hot baths and get in hot tubs too. But when I was prego I just had to settle for dangling my feet in them. Hot Showers I was told were ok as long as it wasn't scorching hot water becasue part of your body is always exposed to cooler air to balance you. But i still try to not have the shower as hot

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    Warm baths are fine. My baby book says not to let it go above 100 degrees. Basically you don't want to overheat yourself whether it's taking a bath, exercising, etc.

  • It raises your body temperature, which is not good for the baby. I don't know if short baths are bad, but definitely stay away from hot tubs and saunas.

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    Being in warmer water does raise your body temp. I was told by my OB during my second pregnancy that it's okay to take a hot bath AS LONG AS it doesn't turn your skin red. If it turns your skin red, it will raise your body temperature too much.

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    The rise in your body temperature is dangerous to the baby!

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    i took hot baths with all 3 of my children.............they are all raises your body temperature, and that can raise you and your baby's heart rate... i think its safe in my experience!

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    It's like cooking your baby!

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