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Have you had a bad day today…. ?

.. l have….. started out fine, till the post arrived.. had not one but two letters from fukk*ng Inland Revenue, ( sorry about the language ladies).. after 6 month hard timeout of work and at last starting a new job and just getting back on my feet, then these arrive and now it look like as long at they get their pound of flesh they don’t care about how l will feel. and cope…now l feel a bit really down again.. so today it has been bad and l just cant seem to get into YA as loopy as l usually am… oh well may be tomorrow..


l even had a deleted/violation today.. aarrrrr

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    sorry to hear your having a bad day. here is a star to make you feel better. You will soon be up and playing in the garden with all your fairy friends again. To he11 with the revenue. trash the mail !!

  • Ilkie
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    1 decade ago

    Howard if you have been claiming benefits then the Inland Revenue cannot take money from you. If your tax code is correct then they may owe you!

    Sounds like bad news though. Know you can climb above this, you are a survivor hun.

    You don't have to be loopy all the time, being yourself is nice.

    Sorry about the violation notice, happens to all of us good folk!

    Hope you feel better soon babe, maybe see you in the shed for a good old moan!?!

    Always here if you want to e mail me.

  • ?
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    4 years ago

    Today is a Good Day

  • Dot
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    1 decade ago

    I'm sick, and have been since friday.

    I gave my two week notice in Wed. for my job(for many reasons, one I stutter to much to be a receptionist) but they called today, told me to come pick up my check and give back my key and leave.

    My dad won't answer my phone call.

    My bf, I think, is mad at me because I kept him up all night coughing.

    :( I wish I was just feeling ugly or fat or something. I hate being disappointed in myself to the point where I feel I'm useless.

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  • it must seem like all i do is answer your questions =)

    anyway, your a strong. i'm so sure that you have gone through more than this, you have come a long way and you are not going to give up here.

    Head up Howard! Hope your feeling better very soon x

  • Pinky
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    1 decade ago

    Damn those revenue people for making you feel this way, if i saw one of them id give them a good hard slap for you, my day is going well so far, dont speak to soon though i dont want to tempt the gods into changing it, lol.

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    I can sympathise with you on this one...I'm in my first year with my own business and expect to get a tax bill...Even a small one will not make me happy...

    And as for how we cope, clearly they are not interested in us at all....They are like ex-wives, they only want the money from us....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I had my tax bill as well ...swines charged me 185 quid plus interest for being late without even chuffing sending me a bill

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it sounds crazy but put on a fake smile for about 30 seconds then look at your self in the mirror doing it and you'll laugh it sound crazy i know but it works some how :-)

  • 1 decade ago

    evwey day dat i dont get dat wabbit I feew wike a disgwace! Hey! WE could twy to find dat wabbit , come on ... bwowing wabbits head off is a gweat stwess weweiver.

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