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"Alternative Energy"?

Why are so many on the right against forms of energy other than oil? They say it will destroy our economy; that makes no sense. Oil may be a cash cow for some but anyone who has studied business knows that the cash cow is the 3rd of 4 stages in a product life cycle. Developing new energy sources is one of the BEST things we can do as Americans. It will develop new industries, new jobs, grow our economy in something other than the "service sector", grow our own energy independence, wrestle back some of our financial future from China, and help to break the need for us to be jerked around in the middle east. This is all good stuff. Why do so many on the right badmouth alternative energy development? It doesn't make sense why so many want to stay on the oil teat.

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    I do not think they are against other forms of energy, they just understand that there is no other source as efficient and cheap as oil yet. There is no point in investing in an energy source that few people will actually use because it is so expensive.

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    As a conservative, I love reading the answers from the left. Truly amazing (and scary) when it comes to economic questions.

    First, let's talk about destroying the economy. Our economy is a free market system, anytime the government usurps the role of the consumer by subsidizing the price or the will of the economic engine (industry) you create a climate in which a product can only exist at the will of the government, not the consumer. And spare me the government is the people, then all you Bush Haters should love eerything he does.

    Secondly, for those of you who study business. The issue is not about 'cash cow' but rather, having a product that someone wants and can afford. The free market should dictate whether the product should be there or not. No one would buy BIO-Diesel if it cost $10.00 a gallon. But when 'we the people' pay for $7.00 dollars a gallon from our taxes to buy that product, well then sure it makes all the sense in the world? At that point, private industry is gone and government owns the industry

    Lastly, what we can do as Americans. Please start a company and try feeding your family on a product that no one would buy because they can't afford it. No right minded (no pun intended) person would start a venture that would require millions of upfront costs for no chance of every paying of that initial investment. To hide behind the federal government as the agent of industry is a cowards way out, if you wouldn't create a company yourself because you know it would be a financial ruin, then why force an entire nation to pay for something you wouldn't invest in yourself?

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    Those on the "right" are NOT against alternative energy per se. Already the production of so called "ethanol" is NOT cost efficient, and it uses more oil to produce less. Furthermore, ethanol in cars/trucks creates SMOG which is much worse for the world's ecology. They didn't look at that aspect either I might add. It has increased all food products by pumping the price of corn/corn feed for animals/corn for products such as cereal, etc. Already ranchers are selling their animals to market at a much younger age because they cannot afford to feed them. Because of this, we will see a shortage of meat products and chicken products because of this. More and more land will be used to produce this ethanol which in fact will leave less land for our cattle to graze, and less land for planting seed to feed our animals. It is a no win situation. In going all out, and NOT foreseeing the consequences, we will be hurting ourselves and our food supply for the near future. Already we do NOT have enough wheat to feed the world. Soon we will NOT have enough meat to feed the world also. We MUST look into other forms of alternative energy for the LONG HAUL. We do need to promote wind energy, sun energy, ocean energy in those areas where it would be cost effective. Not all areas of the world are cost effective in these areas. I want to add, that Gore's Global Warming is a complete FARCE. It is becoming more and more evident that this was not put out to all of the scientific community. Many were SILENCED because their data and proof was contradictory to his. He is filling his pockets with your money because of this. Schools are showing this shame of a film WITHOUT telling the other scientific side. This is absolutely wrong in my humble opinion.

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    Clean Coal, Bio-Diesel, Ethanol (not so great by itself but can make gasoline go farther and cost less by mixing) Hybrid is good but needs much improvement. GM is leading the way forward in American Production with several of it's new models being gasoline-fuel cell crossovers. The new Chevy Impala and the SUV Chevy Equinox are good examples. Check one out, just for curiosity.

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    A significant number of Americans earn their paycheck by working for one of the oil companies and have done so all their lives. None of those people want to lose their good paying jobs.

    It is far easier to drill a hole in the ground and watch the oil ooze out than it is to create a new form of energy. People are lazy.

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    Well not actually against it, just don't like the way it's working out. Ethanol is completely inefficient and takes many food products from the food side of economics and put's them in the energy side, causing a shortage and increasing prices. Then you have the whole solar energy problem, it takes more energy to make the solar cells, then they are able to produce in their usable lifetime. We should be nuclear and geo-thermal, efficient alternatives that produce large amounts of energy cheaply.

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    We could start with solar energy, it's a start.

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    One of the definitions of conservatism is resistance to change.

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